Bartolome Bordallo

Bartolome Bordallo is the CEO and co-founder of , a AI-powered trading platform that uses automated trading bots to simplify manual trading. [1]


Bordallo started his tech career in January 2003 as a system admin for Fujitsu Spain, where he worked for eight years. During this time, he was also a founding member of Hadanet and later Innova Medialead SL, a legal services provider to traffic accident victims. He also worked at Occide LLC, an umbrella brand company that launches other small projects, until July 2017. [2]

In December 2014, Bordallo co-founded Tractionboard, a tracking app that calculates campaign returns through marketing channels, where he served as CEO until August 2017. He then served as CEO of Quickstart Ventures, the umbrella company for and Jooicer, a “do it yourself” tool for implementing social media strategies on Twitter. [2]


Binance Blockchain Week

At Week Instanbul 2023, PinoyWeb3TV interviewed Bordello about and their goals on : [3]

“We have been with , one of the first brokers, for four years, so it was a good opportunity to meet the ecosystem from the and reconnect with people we’ve known for a long time. What we are doing now is leveraging technology to make new profit opportunities available to people all around the world, although many don't understand it yet. We are making it easier for people to participate in this new economy by connecting them with proven traders who have an established track record, allowing for easy participation in these strategies and the potential to profit from them.”

He also explained how differed from other companies in the industry: [3]

“Well, there are many things you can do in , right? Specifically in the niche we're in, we're very similar to copy trading. Everybody is now doing copy trading, and it's very trendy. But there is a problem, actually a couple of problems, with copy trading: you cannot guarantee the same results for the trader and the followers due to , latency, and technical issues. What we do is solve this problem. We can guarantee that the results between the first trader and the last follower, even if you have 200,000 followers, are going to be exactly the same.”

When asked about his thoughts on the future of money, Bordello responded: [3]

“I think we are already in the future of money. We are going to stop using cash and . We are going to start using money by banks and governments, and we are going to use something that nobody controls, something available to everybody.”

About Zignaly

Bordallo and discussed their roles as co-founders of , detailing the company's six-year journey from automating trading signals to becoming a recognized project in the space. They emphasized the critical role of their dedicated team in overcoming market downturns. They highlighted their strategic approach to growth, including forming key partnerships like the $100 million ecosystem fund with . The conversation also covered the importance of a strong team culture, proactive community engagement, and the development of a robust infrastructure to support blockchain activities such as and trading. [4]

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Bartolome Bordallo

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