Bob's Repair

Bob's Repair is a . It is represented with the symbol “BOB”. It is an  utility token that operates on the Ethereum network. Bob's Repair token uses  technology to review and eliminate fraud besides providing lower prices in the home repair industry using a decentralized platform. The token was founded by Frideric and Alexandre Prandecki[1].


Bob's Repair token aims to eradicate fake reviews, imbalanced pricing, and vagueness in the skilled trade industry by storing all data concerning every single repair and making it public on the blockchain[2].

Clients who are in need of a construction or repair project can then search for workers, set up mileposts, and fund jobs using BOB tokens or other traditional or digital currencies. Where funding is made with traditional or other cryptocurrencies, the funds are first converted into BOB tokens before the job begins. BOB’s repairs believe that using BOB tokens and its escrow funding system reduces counterparty risks for new construction projects and home repairs[4].

Bob's Repair Mission

BOB’s plan is to modify pricing in the new construction and home repair industry across the United States. It hopes to achieve this by eradicating pricing ambiguity, reviewing fraud, and price gouging in the marketplace. By publishing every transaction on the blockchain, Bob’s repair is able to empower the people, give freedom to workers, offer great and fair services to people, and cut out middlemen[3].


Bob's Repair token has a total supply of 360,000,000 BOB; a circulating supply of 183,640,758 BOB; an all-time high of $0.067763 USD on September 23, 2018; and an all-time low of $0.000434 USD on October 30, 2019.


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Bob's Repair


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