Cipher Wang

Cipher Wang is a researcher and co-founder of the , a structured to prioritize decentralization and offer minimalism, flexibility, and security. [1]


Wang received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2006. In 2010, he graduated from Peking University with a Master’s in Theoretical Physics. [2]


From September 2010 to April 2016, Wang was CEO of Beijing Chuangyuan Zhiquan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wankaronghui Technology Co., Ltd. He then became head of products at the Technology Research Institute of China Banknote Printing and Corporation and worked there until December 2017. In January 2018, he served as CPO of Cryptape, a research and engineering consultancy. He later co-founded the with , , , and , where he works as a researcher. Currently, he serves as CEO of Nervina Labs, a tech company helping traditional businesses adapt to the digital landscape, and Hangzhou Trust Technology Co., Ltd. [3]


CoTA Protocol

Wang presented the Compact Token Aggregation (CoTA) Protocol, which was developed for the CKB Layer 1 . It simplified the user experience by consolidating various tokens into a single structure, including and fungible tokens. CoTA employed a to store user data efficiently, providing essential proof of data existence and non-existence. The protocol introduced a two-step payment process, separating token balance management into distinct steps to improve transaction efficiency and security. This design allowed for fixed CKB capacity usage regardless of the number of tokens held, enhancing scalability and reducing costs. [4]

JoyID Devtools

Wang provided a tutorial and overview of JoyID devtools for the , detailing its Layer 1 ( CKB) and (Axon) structures. CKB used , a RISC-V VM, and CKBytes for data storage, while Axon offered compatibility and native interoperability. JoyID was described as a decentralized, non-custodial account system that eliminated the need for passwords and mnemonics, using biometrics for authentication. Developers were shown how to integrate JoyID into their , enabling seamless creation and interaction with accounts on both Layer 1 and . The tutorial included practical steps for connecting , signing messages, and sending transactions using JoyID. [5]

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Cipher Wang

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