DarkFarms is an art producer, doodle artist, and creative known for his work with the Frog memes, an internet meme character. He is the creator of the (), a meme collection and repository project that launched on the . DarkFarms' real name and identity remain unknown, as he has chosen to build his brand around his online persona.[1]



DarkFarms has been an active and consistent contributor to the space and a prominent figure in the art community for years. His two most notable projects are and . Some of his other projects include Fake Rares, Smowl, Derage collections, and Notable Pepes. [1][2]

Book of Meme

In the early hours of Thursday, March 14, 2024, a token named ($BOME) created by DarkFarms had a presale launch and experienced significant growth. The project reached a peak market capitalization of $1.46 billion in less than 48 hours. On March 26, 2024, the last piece of $BOME art was sold for 18,888,888 BOME (equivalent to 275,000 USDT), with all BOME received being sent to a burn wallet.[4] This rise occurred alongside the growth of other base such as ($WIF), $BODEN, and $TREMP.[5]


In an interview with Now, DarkFarms shared some insights and reflections on the dizzying saga and how he hopes to channel the memetic energy moving forward.

He attributed his inspiration for the launch of $BOME to a deep need to immerse himself in the current meta-context, delving into shitcoins, decentralized social applications, and the evolving narrative surrounding . He stated that he wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcomed, without it mattering what profile picture they use or which they prefer.

“My intention is to foster a community where individuals can come together, unencumbered by their PFP or allegiances.”

On whether or not he had anticipated the success of his project. His response was modest and acknowledged the impact and challenges that social platforms had on .

I must admit that I did not expect the success of the project. Platforms like X and Telegram have proven both rewarding and challenging, as the influx of information is often accompanied by misinformation and links to obvious scams and wallet drains.

Several artists followed suit and launched their own tokens in the months that followed and he advised and encouraged them to be innovative, challenge convention and forge new frontiers in the crypto art space.

As for the prospect of other artists embarking on similar ventures, it's an area worth exploring. However, this requires innovation, a desire to challenge convention, and a deep understanding of history and the cultural significance of memes. While this path may be fraught with risk, I believe in those who have the courage to forge new, extraordinary careers.

He opined that the future of art should be fundamentally based on trust between collectors and artists. Further stating that the technological advancement in blockchain-based art. Should not erode the relationship between artists and art lovers.

It's not about burning or $BOME prices, it's about building trust between collectors and artists. Web3 has changed a lot of things, with a lot of fast transactions and transactions happening with the help of bots, but I think we might be losing something important - the relationship between people who make art and people who love art. As I said, not as a financial opinion or anything, this move may be dangerous, but it may also be worth taking.[7]


Other Collections


SMOWL is a collection of 4201 likely inspired by containing various variations of Pepe the Frog.

Enriched with Death

Enriched with death is a collection of 26 unique 1/1 pieces, with a total amount of being 55.

Foundation Collection

This is another collection of 1/1 pieces but has a more diverse of choices.
The piece that got the highest sold price is the piece owned by d1tmr.eth, being sold at over 2 $ETH.

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