Dino LFG

Dino LFG is a -based meme token that runs on the with utility including staking, being able to buy real-world products, and also grants them future access to its ecosystem. The team's goal is to include enough integrations that holders will be able to live on $Dino.[1][2]

In 2022, Dino established integrated DINO into marketplaces, including and Volt, which enable its users to use the token as a payment method in stores such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.[3]

Dino Story

Once upon a time, a small dog lived on the streets and was adopted by a well-known and wealthy businessman. It became famous, powerful, and wealthy, to the point where it fantasized about ruling the world. But he had no idea that the true rulers of the land were on their way to reclaim their throne.

Dinosaurs are on their way to eat the dogs. No inu or , just the kings of the land returning to conquer the world!

The Dinos have returned with a new mission: to reclaim their throne and provide their community with the power of real-world utility and acceptance. With a new mission, the dinosaurs were able to spread the word about Dino, the best meme ever created, a meme with real-world application and acceptability.[5]


DINO is a community-driven and completely fair-launched Defi-based meme token that believes in equitable distribution, decentralization, and real-world utility. In line with this vision, it recently held a fair launch on without offering tokens to VCs or whales or conducting any private or public sales.[1] The community grew from 10 to 4000 members in less than two months, proud to be standing with the DINO flag in their hand and chanting as DINO Army.[6]

DINO, which operates on the network provide utility to its holders, allowing them to shop at e-commerce stores and pay for services on partner sites. Staking in the DINO ecosystem incentivizes holding, while spending is also rewarded.[7][5]

Dino Features

Dino has some key features including:

  • Real-World Acceptability: Dino LFG offers its users real-world acceptability across leading platforms such as Walmart, eBay, and via,, and VoltIno
  • Payment Method: It also serves as a payment method for freelance services through integration with
  • Decentralization: Dino LFG is completely Decentralization as 95% percent of the supply is fair launched whereas 5% tokens are reserved for marketing.
  • DINOverter: This is the platform's native swapping protocol, which allows users to convert ETH to DINO with no slippage and minimal gas. It provides liquidity and gives 5% back on every purchase made through the DINOverter, incentivizing user participation.
  • Staking: Users can stake their DINOS and receive periodic rewards.
  • It is audited and has a renounced ownership: DINO is audited by third-party token auditors and has received a satisfactory trust score. The ownership has also been renounced, as seen in the audit report.[8]


Dino LFG also offers its users some Key Products which are:


Using the built-in swap protocol, users can easily gain access to DINO. DINO LFG includes a native swapping protocol that allows users to convert ETH to $DINO with no slippage and little gas. A user can access DINOVerter without first visiting by visiting the website directly.

The exchange is one-way, allowing users to seamlessly and securely exchange ETH for DINO without incurring additional fees. Furthermore, to encourage user participation in the DINOVerter, the platform provides liquidity and offers 5% back on all DINOVerter purchases.[6]


DINO LFG provides a staking module where users can stake their tokens and receive recurring rewards to incentivize user participation in the network by staking their tokens. [13]

Shop with DINO

To provide maximum utility to its holders, the DINO LFG team is constantly forming new strategic partnerships with potential industry players such as and, among others. Users will be able to shop across leading eCommerce platforms and store chains, such as Walmart and Amazon, thanks to integration with such partners.

DINO is also accepted as a freelance payment method on Hyve. works, where both clients and freelancers can choose to be paid in Dino.

DINO NFT Collection

DINO LFG intends to launch its exclusive collection of DINO NFTs as an Sale offering on the exchange via a subscription mechanism. [13]

$DINO Token

$DINO is the native token of the Dino LFG ecosystem. It enables users to enter the DINO ecosystem by acting as a token that rewards its holders for staking and shopping through the redistribution of tokens deducted from each transaction across associated merchants such as
It also allows users to stake their tokens, participate in liquidity pools, and receive rewards based on the roadmap.[1][9]

$DINO has a total supply of 333,333,333, of which 95% is reserved for the market and 5% is allocated for marketing and promotion. The token is already listed on , the leading decentralized exchange, and also on . Dino is a deflationary token as the team continues to buy back and burn, and also redistribute 5% DINO for every payment transaction through integrated partners.  All eligible purchases of goods and services with $Dino will receive 5% back in $Dino tokens. This is 5% DinoBack in addition to any discounts received from the crypto payment platforms. i.e Eligible purchases of $50 minimum will receive a 5% $Dino back sent directly to their wallets every week.[10]

DINO also plans to list on a multitude of centralized exchanges so that users can access increased liquidity and trade it for any token they desire.[11]

Buyback and Burn:

For every transaction through integrated partners such as, paymentsnow, or Hyve.worsk allocates a certain percentage of the transaction for burning, thereby, reducing the total supply.

Even though the project was a 100% fair launch, with no allocation reserved for the team, developments, or advisors, the team buys DINO tokens on the open market to burn them. So far, a total of 6,401,664.5196 $DINO has been burned by the team.[12]

Use Cases

DINO LFG prioritizes the real-world application and utility of the $DINO token. According to this vision, the token is usable not only within the DINO LFG ecosystem but also as a payment method on various partner networks. Some of the use cases include:

  • As a payment method: $DINO is accepted as payment on, Walmart, and other leading sites integrated with
  • Access Freelance Services: Individual buyers or enterprise clients can access freelance services listed on by making payments with $DINO.
  • Get Paid with $DINO: It can be used to accept payments in the same way that it can be used to make payments, as stores or freelancers can opt-in to receive payments in DINO through integrated partner networks.
  • Staking: $DINO holders can stake the token on Unicrypto and receive passive income.
  • Access Dino NFT: Only DINO holders can access the exclusive NFT Collection.
  • Access all future Products within the ecosystem: DINO LFG using its native $DINO Token enables access for users to all future products, tools, features, and services within the DINO LFG ecosystem.
  • Tradeable: $DINO serves as a Defi Meme token that is tradeable on listed exchanges.[13]


Dino LFG has partnered with the following organizations.

  • Having partnered with, Dino is integrated as a payment method within the ecosystem, allowing DINO holders to spend their tokens at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Home Depot.
  • NOWPayments: With the integration, $DINO holders can access all stores and services listed on NOWPayments.[15]
  • Hyve.Works: DINO holds a strategic partnership with Hyve. Works, which means all freelancers can receive payments in DINO whereas enterprises or buyers can also opt-out to pay via DINO Token.[14]
  • Volt Inu: Dino announced a partnership with Volt Inu, another popular meme coin, in its bid to increase the adoption and value to both communities.[16][17]


01 - First Phase

  • Launch $Dino & the Website / Social Media.
  • Building the Community.
  • Phase 1 of Marketing.

02 - Second Phase

  • CoinGecko & Coinmarketship Listing.
  • Introduction to the Buyback & Burning Mechanism.
  • Phase 2 of Marketing

03 - Third Phase

  • Utility & Use case Introduction.
  • CEX Listings.
  • Phase 3 of Marketing.

04 - Second Phase

  • Staking Introduction.
  • DINO NFT Collection.
  • Phase 4 of Marketing.
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Dino LFG

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