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El Hippo is a hippo-themed launched in June 2023 and operates on the . It was created with the sole aim of building a happy, and long-term Community, with Web3-powered features. [1]

In December 2023, El Hippo announced the burning of 15.7 trillion $HIPP tokens, representing 2% of the initial 777 trillion token supply. Moving forward, they plan to conduct token burns every four months.[2]


El Hippo is a unique, community-driven meme coin initiative designed to foster a vibrant and lasting presence in the world. This project emerged from a desire to breathe new life into the meme coin sector, which had become saturated with repetitive mascots and a diminished focus on the pure joy of meme creation. El Hippo aims to recapture the original excitement of meme sharing, emphasizing creative content and seamless online interaction over mere financial gain.[3]

Central to El Hippo’s mission is building a strong community. The project encourages active engagement and price growth through airdrops, meme contests, and regular events such as giveaways, quizzes, and monthly Quest Sprints on the Zealy platform. Their commitment to their mascot extends to charitable efforts, including donations to the Hippo Protection Fund. The slogan, "HIPP IS BIG," embodies the immense and majestic energy of the hippo, reflecting the project's ambitions.[4]
wikiEl Hippo's plans are expansive and multifaceted. The project aims to develop a comprehensive ecosystem that goes beyond its meme token, $HIPP. Upcoming initiatives include regular token burns, the launch of , listings on top exchanges, a merch store, and the development of a game. The #makehipposgreatagain movement underscores their dedication to conservation, with profits from sales directed toward supporting organizations focused on hippo population conservation and environmental protection.[5]

The project features 0% buy tax and 0% sell tax, simplifying the trading of $HIPP for users. This is intended to cultivate a thriving community where members can utilize the token without encountering any friction or hidden costs.[1][9]

On September 5th, 2023 $HIPP was listed on MEXC and is tradable on MEXC via a USDT/HIPP pair.[6]

In November 2023, , a  trading platform, announced the listing of $HIPP in its Innovation and Meme Zone, featuring an active trading pair, HIPP/USDT.[7]


$HIPP is an token deployed on the in August 2023, with a total supply of 777 trillion tokens. The token is integral to the El Hippo ecosystem, facilitating exchange listings, influencer affiliations, marketing efforts, and project expansions, development, and partnerships. Emphasizing a fair distribution model, all tokens are fully allocated to the liquidity pool, with no taxes, allocations, or presale.[8]

The $HIPP feature a deflationary model, making the token increasingly rare and adding value with each burn event. In December 2023, the team burned 2% of the supply, equivalent to 15.7 trillion tokens (approximately $150k), reducing the circulating supply from 777 trillion to 761.3 trillion tokens.

$HIPP tokens can be traded on both and , including MEXC, , and .[10][11]

Token Allocation

$HIPP is allocated as follows. To maintain full transparency, the supply wallet can be tracked using the ENS name elhippo.eth, hippnft.eth, and hippcex.eth.

  • 92.1% of the total supply was allocated to the
  • 6.9% of the supply is held in a multi-signature wallet for centralized listings, bridges, and additional liquidity pools.
  • 1% of the supply will be airdropped to all $HIPP NFT holders.[5]

El Hippo NFT

El Hippo has exciting plans for Q2 2024, including the launch of its exclusive community . In a bold move, the team has announced that 1% of the total $HIPP token supply will be airdropped to holders of the $HIPP NFTs. This initiative not only rewards NFT holders but also enhances the utility and value of the $HIPP token within the El Hippo ecosystem.[5]


El Hippo is built on the , a decentralized platform founded in 2015 by , , and Joseph Lubin. Ethereum is a global, open-source platform that enables developers to build and deploy and . It is the most widely used blockchain network, known for its robustness, security, and scalability. Ethereum was chosen as the platform for $HIPP due to its widespread adoption, extensive developer base, and dedicated user community focused on and digital asset creation.

Among the various networks considered, stood out as the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective option for El Hippo. Its robust infrastructure provides a solid foundation for the project, ensuring smooth operations and reliable performance for users.[12][1]


  • OnRamp Money
  • IvendPay
  • CLS Global
  • Bitget


wikiPhase 1

  • Launch
  • DEX listings
  • 1000+ holders
  • El Hippo Oasis community (Discord)

Phase 2

  • CEX listings
  • Community rewards
  • Strategic partnerships
  • 10,000+ holders

Phase 3

  • El Hippo Post newsletter
  • El Hippo merch
  • Academy
  • 100,000+ holders

Phase 4

  • El Hippo NFT collection
  • Tier 1 exchange listings
  • 1,000,000+ holders
  • El Hippo world order.

How to Buy El Hippo

  • Step 1: The user acquires ETH from a crypto exchange such as , or .
  • Step 2: They create an EVM wallet, like  or , and transfer the acquired ETH to their ETH address.
  • Step 3: The user connects their wallet to  to initiate the process.
  • Step 4: They swap their ETH for $HIPP on , making sure to reserve some ETH for transaction fees and considering a slippage of 3-6% to enhance the likelihood of a successful swap.

Buy from MEXC or Bitget

To purchase $HIPP from MEXC or , one needs to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, the individual must create a MEXC or  account if they do not already have one. Subsequently, they should deposit funds into their account in the form of . Once the funds are successfully deposited, they can navigate to the Spot trading section on both MEXC's and Bitget's platforms. From there, they should locate $HIPP in the trading pairs list and select the USDT/$HIPP pair. Finally, they can execute the trade to exchange their USDT for $HIPP.

Buy El Hippo Using Onramp Money

El Hippo offers a bank transfer option that allows users to easily purchase $HIPP tokens with fourteen different fiat currencies. This feature is particularly convenient for those who do not have on hand and want to make a low-fee investment in $HIPP with minimal steps. The process is designed to be easy, fast, and cost-effective, especially for larger transactions. Residents of the supported countries can take advantage of this option and buy directly from the site or using . For guidance, a video tutorial is available, demonstrating how to use a bank transfer to buy $HIPP within minutes using the browser extension and the Onramp Money crypto payment service.

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