Fan Long

Fan Long is the co-founder of and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. He is a computer scientist, hacker, and the founder and president of Tree-Graph Blockchain Research Institute. [1][2]


Fan Long is an alumnus of Tsinghua University Yao Class and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT. His research primarily revolves around systems security, programming language, and .[3]


Fan Long is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Toronto University, Canada. His research works center around system engineering, programming language, and blockchain, all of which led him to co-found alongside , and . [5]


Fan Long mentioned in an interview that got started when he and a group of top scientists from Tsinghua University, including himself, initially aimed to publish a research paper investigating how to increase blockchain scalability. Their research was completed around 2017-2018.

Subsequently, they were persuaded by investor friends to turn their research into a real project. They raised initial capital for and began developing it.[4]

"We got persuaded by our investor friends who said you have to turn this into a real project rather than something on the paper. Then we said that's not a bad idea and that's even though we had no clue where we were going to end up, that's how we started Conflux project" - Fan Long on how he got started[4]

Fan Long's work at Conflux focuses on strategic research and managing relationships with the Chinese government. [4]

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Fan Long


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