Giggle Academy

Giggle Academy is a nonprofit online education platform founded by co-founder . The platform aims to offer a comprehensive curriculum from grades 1 to 12, gamified to make learning engaging and accessible.[1]


The concept paper outlines Giggle Academy as a pioneering educational platform, serving as a comprehensive portal to knowledge for students in grades 1 through 12. Giggle Academy's curriculum is designed to cover traditional core subjects, while also incorporating advanced topics not typically offered in current educational systems, such as technology, finance, artificial intelligence (AI), and emotional intelligence (EQ). The courses on the platform are completely free and all classes are online.[3][5]

On March 18, 2024, in one of his posts on Zhao stressed that the new project does not involve any new token launch and it is purely a non-crypto related project:

“Launching a new project. No, no new tokens. Education project.”[4]


At the core of Giggle Academy's approach lies gamification, leveraging badges, points, and rankings. The academy will utilize Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) to provide a secure and verifiable record of students' achievements and skills, enhancing the recognition of their educational progress.[2][6] The concept paper also mentions integrations of anti-cheat mechanisms, such as device camera random turning on, analysis of timing heuristics, and AI usage to eliminate the AI-generated answers.[2]

Some other Giggle Academy features include parental involvement through comprehensive reports, notifications, and incentives; social and community support for students, including peer tutoring and mentoring, and potential job market integration, allowing employers to find students based on their certifications and skills.[7]

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Giggle Academy

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