HeadDAO is the collection of 10,000 nouns needing head on the Ethereum . Each Head grants access to the exclusive  community and voting rights over the DAO's assets.[1]


HeadDAO the next blue chip project?
HeadDAO is on a mission to accrue a collection of blue chip NFTs. They fractionalize blue chip NFTs and 80% of mint sales and 75% of royalties goes to the DAO. [1]

It was launched on October 17, 2021, the project’s NFTs were minting for.055 ETH each. The project sold out in 2 hours. [4]

The founder of this project is a 16-year-old who goes by the Twitter name of Shamdoo. Very little is known about Shamdoo’s two other collaborators, but they also seem to be quite young.

Months after launch, the project appears stable, and Shamdoo has been a reliable and knowledgeable presence in the community’s Discord. Much of the DAO is still sorting itself out as future utility and procedures on voting for future purchases get ironed out. [3]

How It Works

There is a total of 9999 NFTs minted held by 2126 unique owners. [6][8]
The project put 80% of proceeds from its mint into the DAO treasury and the very next day HeadDAO bought for 100 ETH. The next day, was purchased for 39 ETH. [1]
Currently, HeadDAO owns the following blue-chip NFTs:

The current reserve price for a buyout of the entire vault stands at $4 million. [1]

Members of the Head DAO earn $HEAD tokens, which represent fractional shares of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the community vault.

Members get access to the DAO community, Shamdoo's cat photos, and voting powers over the DAO's assets.  [2][5]

Becoming a Member

To become member of the HeadDAO, one needs to purchase a HeadDAO NFT. At the moment, these NFTs are for sale on OpenSea. [6]

&HEAD Utility

Members of the DAO get voting rights to determine future purchases. They also receive $HEAD tokens that represent fractional shares of the NFTs in the DAO’s vault. [3]

The vault is currently on view on where it houses 11 NFTs. If members stake their NFT, meaning that freezing it so that it cannot be sold for a certain period, then they get 5 $HEAD tokens per day. [3]

The tokens represent a utility of value of the NFTs in the vault. The number of tokens a member holds determines the percentage of the vault that they own. [2]

The founders have been very careful to note that $HEAD tokens are not meant to provide passive income and should not be considered a security.

HeadDAO’s Head Game

The HeadDAO’s Head Game is a Battle Between Heads and Headhunters.10,000 NFTs will be auctioned in a primary public sale for.07 ETH apiece. The majority of these monies will go toward financing next game development. The remaining money will be used to pay the remainder of the crew as well as for marketing, game code reviews, and early game development. Additionally, we will return 15% of the proceeds from the primary sale to the DAO.
Holders of HeadDAO NFT will receive ONE free mint for each unit owned. Before the whitelist expires, the user gets two days to mint their free Head Game NFT. Since these tokens are excluded from the public auction, only 10,000 will be made available for purchase by the general public.Additional tokens from the collection will be available for purchase for $head. The supply of $head will be permanently reduced and any money made from these sales will be burnt.
The likelihood of minting a Head NFT is 90%, whereas the likelihood of minting a Headhunter is 10%. When staked, Head NFTs produce $100 Head each day.


  • theShamdoo
  • ReezusNFT
  • Arrin67601036 [4]
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