LayerAI, previously known as CryptoGPT, is a network on top of , using a low-cost private zkRollup technology. [1] [2]

LayerVPN Node

LayerVPN is LayerAI’s native VPN solution that also functions as a data node. [2]

Users, upon downloading LayerVPN and having equipped their Data Capsule, can earn reward tokens for browsing the web.

The user's LayerVPN account is paired with their account on the LayerAI Economy App, which functions as a hub of the LayerAI economy.

KyotoX DeFi Hub

KyotoX is the DeFi Layer inside LayerAI that functions as a hub for AI projects.

Layer Marketplace

Layer Marketplace is the native Marketplace on LayerAI, where users can transact Data Capsule NFTs.

Data Capsules enable earning from contributing data to the ecosystem. As NFTs, Data Capsules are traded on the Layer Marketplace.

Layer Marketplace is the gateway for retail users to earn by browsing. It allows users to buy and sell data capsules monetizing their behavioral data.

Data Capsule

Data Capsules are NFTs that allow users to monetize their behavioral data. AI Capsules represent a user's dataset, acquired from their activity browsing on the Internet. After minting the capsules, users will enter AI2Earn from browsing offering their data for monetization.

Global Data Marketplace

LayerAI aims to create advanced data assets that can be deployed across multiple AI models at the same time. Within the current state of the market, there exists a market opportunity to create a digital blockchain-based global data marketplace.


In October of 2023, LayerAI which was at the time known as CryptoGPT, raised $10 million in funding at a valuation of $250 million. The Series A round was led by DWF Labs, a leading digital asset market maker, and multi-stage Web3 investment firm. “New funding at a $250M valuation from DWF Labs positions GPT both financially and strategically with the most established layer-2 developments in Web3,” the company said. [2] [3]

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