LikeCoin is the native of a the LikeCoin Chain blockchain. Like Chain is tailor made platform for content publishing and it provide an infrastructure for publishing, rewards, curation and governance. It is built on the top of the Cosmos SDK.[1][2]


LikeCoin is developed by LikeCoin Foundation. It is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong. Like Foundation's founder Kin Ko has been involved in the IT space for more than twenty years. LikeCoin raised approximately $5.3 million USD in an round in 2018.[3]


LikeCoin is a platform for editors and publishers. It provides various tools to run a publishing network having a decentralized Publishing, decentralized archive, rewards, curation and governance. Content creators are rewarded in LikeCoin token.[4]

LikeCoin Chain

Like Coin Chain is a sovereign, application specific designed for content creation and information property management It is developed on top of the Cosmos network SDK and runs on permission-less, Bonded Proof-of-stake (BPoS) mechanism. It is also called as Proof of Creativity.Transactions and data on the LikeCoin Chain can be browsed on Big Dipper explorer.

LikeCoin chain's new development FoTan, which incorporates advanced features such as International Standard Content Number (β€œISCN”), is planned in 2020.


LikeCoin Platform and chain has great features which will help content creators to get the full rewards for their content without relying on any centralized platform.

Decentralized Registry

Likecoin has [5][6] Publishing registry powered by ISCN, a specification Included in collaboration with the industry. It is conceptually similar to the popular registrar International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for books, but has advantages because of its decentralized network. ISCN is a unique identifier assigned to content such as articles and images, and comes with metadata such as author, publisher, content address, license terms and creation footprint. ISCN is immutable and censorship resilient and its data is stored on LikeCoin chain. The content, on the other hand, is stored on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for tamper resistance and peer-to-peer distribution.

Decentralized Rewards

Content makers can earn rewards in LikeCoin Tokens. They just need to attach Like Coin button around their post or picture etc. Every Like from the readers is a measurable reward in Likecoin tokens. Likecoin's The Civic Liker movement encourages readers to contribute $5 USD /mo to reward creativity and journalism, while the matching fund, distributed according to the Likes of all users, doubles the rewarding pool. With a decentralized rewards system, every Like from the reader is counted.

Decentralized Editorial

Readers can also play a big part apart from just rewarding the content creators. They can become a Content Jockey and help the ecosystem grow by distributing creative, innovative stories and insightful commentaries with Super Likes, which are purposely designed to be scarce to cut out noise from signals. When a story gets popular, it benefits both both creator and Content Jockey with LikeCoin's unique distribution footprint rewards.

Decentralized Governance

Content creators and Content Jockeys get a reward in Like Coin token. It also serves as the governing token for the LikeCoin's Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO),known as the Republic of Liker Land. Likers or Like coin holders can participate in liquid democracy by delegating their LikeCoin tokens to validators they trust, and freely switch among them without a fixed term of office. To make changes or resolve issues such as default Content Jockeys, inflation rate and protocol updates need passing of the corresponding proposal by the Republic.

Republic of Liker Land

Republic of Liker Land consists of Likecoin ecosystem. Some of its media content empowered by LikeCoin include Matters, Standnews, InMedia, HKCNews and another 1,200+ websites. LikeCoin can also be integrated and used on popular platforms like Wordpress, Medium, Blogger (, Pixnet, Vocus and other content platforms.

Liker ID

A citizen in Republic of Liker Land is given a unique identity or Liker ID. A Citizen who holds liker ID can be writers, photographers, Illustrators, editors and curators.

Civic Liker Movement

Civic Liker is a movement to reward open content. For the cost of a cup of coffee, anyone can become a Civic Liker. Whatever users Like will then be turned into a tangible reward to creators.


LikeCoin Token is also called as LikeCoin and its in native token of LikeCoin blockchain. As LikeCoin chain runs on a Proof-of-stake mechanism, Tokens are minted when blocks are validated by the nodes. Anyone can join and set up a node to become validator. It has Total supply of 1,007,413,026 LIKE. It registered all time high $0.013978 USD on Sep 02, 2020 and all time low of $0.001047 USD on Dec 07, 2018. It is currently listed on DigiFinex, Liquid and Bitasset exchanges.[7]

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