Liquidity Network

Liquidity Network is a 2nd layer solution which operates on the NOCUST protocol offering scalability, safety and security in its services.The Network boasts itself as the maiden platform to offer off-chain payment solution to enact a minimum viable product, yet offering bidirectional payments.[1][2]


This system was started by a lecturer at the Imperial College London who goes by the name Arthur Gervais and his partner Rami Khalil who is also the founder of REVIVE protocol. The Liquidity Network officially started out in November 2017 and has attracted the eyes of both traders and investors in the industry.

The creation of and arrival of was in a bid to displace traditional methods of payment and enhance transactions and this was achieved by platform of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), having no one as overseer and this birth widespread popularity for both cryptos. With more popularity came several challenges, with the most visible one coming out as a result of proper scaling. The result of this would be a reduction in transaction speed with users having to pay more to fast-track payment.

The Liquidity.Network is built on virtual machine and has a major goal to aid and establish the use of blockchain in micro-payments. The system is making all efforts to address challenges faced by Lightning and Raiden Network in a bid to have predominant use by users.[3][4]

We provide a “full-stack” of solutions. We develop a mobile wallet supporting scalable and fast transactions, with a strong focus on UX meant for the mainstream.

Moreover, we provide a developer SDK and tools, such as the NOCUST client library, to allow any builder to integrate our scaling solutions in their distributed applications to the benefit of major UX improvements. Beside that, we are working on very cool stuff for the community, such as competitions and games

Guillaume Felley who is currently the COO at Liquidity.Network.

Co- Founder and CEO of Liquidity.Network

Arthur Gervais is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Liquidity.Network, which boasts itself to be the first bi-directional off-chain scaling solution on . Also, his research has provided the cryptocurrency industry with the maiden first fully automated formal verification tool for this can be assessed on With his expertise he is also currently focused on a research with his group working on security, privacy and scalability with a focus on blockchain technology at Imperial College London where he is a lecturer.[5]

"I am motivated by revolutionizing how society trades and interacts. Bitcoin and the security properties of its blockchain provide technical means to catalyze societal evolution."

Arthur Gervais

Features of Liquidity.Network

The liquidity.Network has so many amazing features embedded in its all out solution platform, some of which are listed below ;

  • The Liquidity.Network avails users with a path of ease when opening a payment channel as it operates a unique n-party payment hub protocol.
  • Direct transfer of funds to users in the hub and a relatively low required collateral when compared with other platforms that offer same services.
  • The Liquidity.Network also offers its users more convenience as deposits can be made either through the Liquid from their wallet without having to open an on-chain Smart contract.
  • Another feature is it’s easy to use interface as against the complexity of Lightning and Raiden Network, its simplified structure also helps and aids users touring its platform.
  • Liquidity.Network also offers free transactions for regular users and its use of REVIVE protocol brings to table a higher degree of scalability for customers.[6]

Use Of LQD Token

The Utility token of the Liquidity.Network is the LQD. The token has its major usage in service-level agreement on the platform of the Liquidity Network. Users avail themselves with an unlimited access to transact when they purchase of at least 1 LDQ monthly. The platform also is in charge of running several payment hubs and have a plan in the nearest future to make it accessible to strategic partners and in the long run as many with interest, skill and expertise in operating a hub.[7]

How to get coins on Liquidity Network

To get coins on the liquidity network Users can convert already purchased and other assets into fETH. This is achieved by making deposits of such currencies into the NOCUST ,fX represents fast and free assets as they can be almost instantaneously all coming at no cost i.e. without blockchain fees.

Liquidity Network Wallet

The platform to the bewilderment of the general crypto public, released the first ever operational off-chain wallet on the chain. The wallet is available for download on iOS and Android platforms and also avails users with the opportunity of cost-free block chain payments. This development was made known to the industry in the month of June, 2018.

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Liquidity Network

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