Metakey (founded 5th May, 2020) is a  (NFT) that can be used across multiple platforms to transform into avatars, game items, exclusive game perks, course material, virtual land access, activate discounts, and lots more.[1]

The Metakey is simply an NFT card that collectors can use to gain access to limited edition items across virtual worlds, NFT platforms, and lots more.[2]


Metakey is an NFT that can be used across multiple platforms to transform into avatars, game items, exclusive game perks, course material, virtual land access, activate discounts, and more.[1]wiki
It is an experiment exploring the unlimited use cases that Blockchain Technology can bring to a token (NFT). Metakey acts like a VIP card which unlock hundreds of perks and experiences within the metaverse.[6]

For example, the same Metakey NFT unlocks a helmet in , a special sword in the Sandbox, and VIP room access in , or . The goal is to make the Metakey have as many use cases as possible.[5]

Due to the increased usability and the numerous integrations across the metaverse, the Metakey collection is attracting lots of attention. Currently, there are three editions of Metakey NFTs, and all of them have sold out almost instantly.[4]

Users only require a single key and they can use it forever. An unlimited macro supply ensures the perks are available to everyone. In addition, digital artists will provide designs for special edition keys.[1]

The key is kept within a digital wallet to enable users have access or transform items throughout the digital realm.They have over 30 partners including Decentraland, The Sandbox Game, and Somnuim Space and the list is still growing.[1]


Metakey was founded by Matty, aka DCL blogger, a well-known landlord and collector in the field of NFT. Metakey is a practical NFT project launched by Matty in order to let more people join the meta-universe.[1]

What is The METAKEY?
Since its launch on May 5th 2020, three Metakey NFT models have been released, including 500 Metakey NFT for the First Edition, 750 Metakey NFT for the Second Edition in collaboration with RTFKT Studios and 1000 Metakey NFT for the Tird Edition. The 2,250 NFTs are all sold out, and the price of each model has increased several times.[3]

Metakey is committed to achieving interoperability between different projects. Having a Metakey NFT is equivalent to having different NFT assets in different meta-universes.[5]

As stated by Metakey official on Twitter:

"Metakey is not just an NFT, it's your ticket, your ID, to the meta-universe."

Getting Started

Step 1: Buy a Metakey from either  or .

Step 2: Join the Discord and verify your role.

Step 3: Keep up with our Twitter or Discord to be alerted for new releases, drops, discounts, integrations, events, and more.

Metakey Editions

First Edition: The Genesis

wikiMetakey First Edition: Genesis

The first edition, “Genesis” was created by digital artist Alan Bolton, it was released in February 2021 and has a limited numbers of 500 units. It was orginally sold at 0.20 ETH on Opensea but with time the price increased. This edition along with the second and third editions are known as the Collectors' edition. This edition is currently sold out

Second Edition: The Artifact

wikiMetakey Second Edition: Artifact

The Second Edition, "Artifact", was created in collaboration with RTFKT Studios, it was released also in February 2021 and has a limited numbers of 750 units. It was orginally sold at 0.20 ETH on OpenSea. This edition along with the first and third editions are known as the Collectors' edition. This edition is currently sold out.

Third Edition: The Ultimate

wikiMetakey Third Edition: Ultimate

The Third Edition, "Ultimate" was created by digital artist Marc-O-Matic, it was released in June 2021 and has a limited numbers of 500 units. It was orginally sold at 0.20 ETH or $389 on Opensea. This edition along with the first and second editions are known as the Collectors' edition. This edition is currently sold out.

This edition of Metakey NFTs sold out suddenly, in just 24 minutes, all 1000 NFTs were sold out. This boosted their volume more than 5000%.



Metakey has plans to do more airdrops for users, for example, RTFKT Studio wearables for Decentraland, Formula 1 Helmet, Sandbox Robot, and much more. They also have ongoing Airdrops with partnered projects and IPs entering the NFT space.


Metakey has lots of ongoing virtual events to highlight community projects and help fund/support NFT growth. They also plan to build galleries, museums, conferences to have many weekly events across most virtual worlds.


Metakey has developed a video course database of everything that deals with NFT/crypto. They plan to continuously add more data to it.


Matty aka DCL blogger, a well-known landlord and collector in the field of NFT. Matty has been deeply has been deeply involved in the meta-universe for many years and has written a series of articles to help people understand the development of the meta-universe such as Decentraland.[5]
MetaKey was developed by Matty along with other creative artists, developers and engineers. According to the team, there will be hundreds of applications working with Metakey in the future, which means there will be at least hundreds of functions for users to experience.[6]

Metakey will become different assets in different meta-universes, and a Metakey is equal to hundreds of different NFTs in hundreds of apps. For new users, this is a great way to explore the Meta Universe.[6]

“Owning Metakey is like owning 88 members of the meta-universe.”

There are also hundreds of projects that will be partnering with Metakey in the future, and Metakey owners will have the opportunity to receive NFT airdrops from these projects as well as numerous new projects that will be created in the future.[4]

In addition to receiving airdrops, Metakey also offers users a variety of benefits, including discounts, that can be enjoyed in Metakey's cooperative meta-universe. According to the project team, Metakey holders will receive discounts on all products built in collaboration with Metakey, whether it's NFT art, games, or meta-universes.[2]

New Ganymede (NG)

wikiGanymede, New (NG)
The launch of New Ganymede was announced on the platform. This action-packed game is one that Metakey is currently developing. To add playable avatars to the game, the Metakey team has been collaborating with partners in the Web3 industry over the past few months.
Playable avatars for duos:

  • Cyberkongz
  • Sipher
  • CloneX
  • There will be many more!

In the end, these playable avatars will only be the start of the almost endless possibilities we see for NG.

Redesign of Metakademy


Automobolist x Metakey

Automobilist, a team of artists specializing in the creation of racing NFT art have collaborated with Metakey, they have airdropped a racing helmet NFT for each Metakey holder that can be worn on the Decentraland Meta Universe. The 1961 version of the F1 helmet is officially licensed by Sir Jackie Stewart and is listed as a rare item on Decentraland.[4]

The Sandbox x Metakey

The Sandbox has collaborated with Metakey to organize the fourth Summer Jam land sale. In addition the Bonsai NFTs from ZenFT and Ethlings have joined the partner line-up. The Sandbox sold 1,120 land parcels, while they auctioned 8 estates on OpenSea.[14]

The land sale for The Sandbox was on July 15, 2021 at 1PM UTC. They sold 840 land parcels for 1,011 SAND, while 280 premium LAND parcels sold for 4,683 SAND.[14]

Other Partnerships

Metakey has partnered with various companies and organizations to crreate more functions for users to experience, these organizations include Webaverse , The Sandbox, Ethermon, Metapurse, RTFKT Studios, Decentral Games, CrytoArt Pulse, Somnium Space, Cagyjan,, Whale Shark, Zapper, Bondly, MEME, Metazone, Polygon (formerly Matic Network), Neondistrict, POAP (Protocol), DCL Blogger, Polygonal Mind, Cryptomotors, Game Credits, OpenSea, RNG, Altitude and many others.



• Metazone Integration

• Physical Collectible

• Private Content Dashboard

• Decentral Games Integration

• Decentraland Wearables

• Virtual Land Purchase


• DCL Headquarters

• DCL Hangout/Tavern

• Sandbox Integration

• Virtual World Portals

• Shark Tank Pitching

• Cryptoartpulse Integration


• Education centre

• Sandbox Games

• Metakey Edition 4

• Avatar Project

• New Partners

• Digi-physical Merchandise

• More Virtual Events

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