PrivateAI is a company that utilizes neural network-based knowledge graphs, and through this provides a dynamic and interconnected representation of data. This approach enables intuitive exploration and identification of complex relationships within and across research domains. [1]


PrivateAI is a Peer-to-Peer Data-as-a-Service (P2P DaaS) network that enables data owners and producers to upload, showcase, and monetize high-quality datasets in a secure environment with prospective buyers and users (AI engineers, data analysts, and research institutions). PrivateAI is led by an executive team with multiple prior exits in and AI. The organization develops privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools making privacy and GDPR compliance reliable. [2]

"We are dedicated to harnessing the power of crowdsourced data to fuel advancements in data analytics and AI services while ensuring fair compensation for data providers. We envision a future where valuable scientific, research, and device data are accessible to all, regardless of resources or affiliations, driving innovation, and accelerating progress in every corner of the globe." - Private AI mission statement[3]


Knowledge Graphs

Through the utilization of neural network-based knowledge graphs, Private AI offers a dynamic and interconnected representation of data. This approach facilitates intuitive exploration and identification of intricate relationships within and across research domains. [3]

Cross-Database Knowledge Discovery

The Private AI platform facilitates the integration of diverse databases, enabling researchers to conduct comprehensive cross-database searches. This functionality enhances efficiency and reveals valuable insights that might otherwise remain undiscovered within isolated data silos. [3]

Pattern Recognition Across Data Sources

The AI algorithms are adept at detecting subtle patterns and trends across various data sources, offering a new dimension of insights essential for valuable research. [3]


  • Angel Versetti - CEO
  • Maxim Prishchepo - CTO
  • Dr. Kate Ianishevska - COO
  • Moe Iman - CMO
  • Rafe Tariq - Strategic Advisor
  • - Strategic Advisor[3]
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