Robert Habermeier

Robert Habermeier is a Co-Founder of the and Managing Partner at Hypersphere Ventures[3]. Robert Habermeier is a entrepreneur and researcher with experience in cryptography, game theory, and distributed systems.[1][2]


Robert Habermeier was first introduced to and in 2011. In 2013 he started working on the Rust programming language. [7]

In 2015, Robert became aware of Parity[5] which was working on in Rust, there he became an Ethereum core developer while working with the team at Parity[5]. In 2016, he started working with and Peter Czaban[6] on the design of 's Parachains which are the fundamental scaling primitive of Polkadot. [7]


 is a network protocol that enables the transfer of arbitrary data, including tokens, across . This allows for the possibility of cross-chain registries and cross-chain computation.  It is capable of transferring data between public, open, permissionless, and private, permissioned blockchains. This makes it possible to develop applications that can use permissioned data from a private blockchain on a public 

Robert Habermeier is an editor of Polkadot Network[8] and Kusama_Network[9] where he creates content related to and .[10] When asked about what differentiates from other blockchains, Robert answered:

"First, we want to make it easy for people to write specialized purpose-built blockchains, to get security for those blockchains so that they don't have to worry about gathering a minor community which is another issue that we've seen is difficult because these things can be 51% attack and lastly to connect these blockchains so you can have use cases that are emergent among many specific utilities"[14]

In June 2018, Robert Habermeier was named a 2018 Thiel Fellow. As a Thiel Fellow, Robert received $100,000 over two years to further the development of the  project, as well as mentorship from the foundation’s large network of entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists. [11][12]

Robert is a thought leader in the space, having authored numerous blog posts and articles and presented at conferences on topics related to technology. He is also a mentor for the Web3 Foundation, helping to cultivate the next generation of blockchain developers. [4][13]

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Robert Habermeier

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