Satoshi Panda

Satoshi Panda is a community-driven project residing on the . It is a unique meme project that aims to save the extinction of adorable red pandas while simultaneously giving back to the community in many ways.[1]

On February 14, 2024, Satoshi Panda announced that its $SAP had been audited by InterFi Audits.[2]


Launched in February 2024, Satoshi Panda is a unique meme project with a dual mission: to support the conservation of red pandas and to promote education and adoption worldwide. Inspired by and the lovable red pandas, the project rewards its community with and $SAP tokens. Initially launched on the BNB Chain for its on-chain volume, fast transactions, and low fees, Satoshi Panda is a wholesome and entertaining meme culture project and . It offers a fun way for people to join the revolution while also contributing to the protection of the few thousand red pandas still in existence.[3]
wikiThe project's community-driven approach fosters active engagement through social media and involves the community in platform development decisions through voting, contributing to its growing popularity.[4]

Native Token ($SAP)

$SAP is the native token Satoshi Panda which launched on the , an L1 EVM renowned for its exceptional speed and cost-effectiveness in executing smart contracts. In the future, $SAP may explore potential expansions to one or two other selected chains, contingent upon meeting specific adoption thresholds.[3]

During its presale on PinkSale, $SAP is paired with BNB on the . With a total supply of just 21,000,000,000 tokens, $SAP strikes a balance between meme appeal and practicality, avoiding excessive zeroes that could complicate value calculations. The hard cap of 21 billion tokens for $SAP pays homage to hard cap of 21 million tokens, underscoring Satoshi Panda's alignment with Bitcoin's principles.

Token Distribution

  • Marketing & Dev 15%
  • Rewards 20%
  • Initial Liquidity 25%
  • Presale 40%


Satoshi Panda’s native token features a that distributes reflections in four directions: For every buy or sell trade of SAP, the transaction incurs a 5% fee.

  • 1% goes to the Marketing & Development Treasury to keep growing the project & developing more value-adds.
  • 2% goes to SAP holders as on (BTCB) as a reward for holding SAP and supporting the project.
  • 1% Liquidity Fee: Half gets converted into BNB on the BNB Chain and paired with the other half (SAP) to auto-add to the liquidity pools to keep liquidity growing forever.
  • 1% Buyback Fee: 1% of BNB from every transaction is used to buy back SAP tokens. BNB is stored in a special contract and called to buy back SAP, thereby supporting its value.[3]

Satoshi Panda NFT collection

wikiSatoshi Panda is releasing a 7,777 NFT collection of red pandas matching a bright and cheery aesthetic. Each NFT will be able to be staked as part of an NFT Staking program through which $SAP rewards will be distributed from the project's Rewards Treasury. Further gamification of the NFT collection will provide added utility to $SAP, as well as provide a fun and entertaining GameFi experience.[3]

Satoshi Panda Records

wikiSatoshi Panda Records aims to create opportunities for #futurebass & #synthwave music artists by offering them a platform to showcase their talents and amplify their high-vibed music. The platform will be tokenized, providing artists with a unique way to connect with their audience and monetize their work.[5]


Satoshi Panda operates on the BNB blockchain, which combines and Proof of Authority (PoA) for consensus. This unique approach ensures efficient and secure transactions while maintaining decentralization. The ownership structure of Satoshi Panda's native token, $SAP, prioritizes decentralization. The project has fully renounced ownership and has zero creator and Token Update Authority balances. This approach sets Satoshi Panda apart from other meme coins, addressing concerns related to centralization and empowering the community to actively participate in its development and governance. All initial liquidity for SAP is locked for two years.[3]

Road Map

Phase 1

  • Build and Grow the Satoshi Panda Community
  • Smart Contract Created
  • Smart Contract Audited
  • Presale on Pinksale

Phase 2

  • SAP/BNB LP Launched & Liquidity Added
  • CG & CMC Listings
  • KOL Partnerships
  • Marketing Partnerships & Campaigns

Phase 3

  • Satoshi Panda 7,777 NFT Collection Released
  • NFT Staking Launched
  • NFT Gamification
  • CEX Listings

Phase 4

  • Red Panda Preservation Initiatives
  • DEX Launched
  • Tokenized Future Bass Record Label
  • Learn-to-Earn Web3 Education Platform[3]
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Satoshi Panda

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