SMC DAO is a community of believers founded by  to provide value to everyone in the digital economy. SMC is an abbreviation that stands for Sir Mapy & Co. while DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is the structure after which the community is said to be modeled.[1][2]


SMC DAO was launched on December 1, 2021, by Sir Mapy. The started as a small community on Telegram to educate people about technology and but has since grown to own its platform of over 17,000 registered members. Every member of the community is called a Believer.[3]


The operates using an innovative Point System called SMC Point which rewards members' participation and contribution within the community. Believers earn points for activities such as creating educational content, conducting research, or engaging in other valuable community contributions. Badges are also awarded as recognition for achieving certain milestones. These points and badges are visible when members log into their community profile.[3][4]

Since its establishment, the DAO has launched notable projects like , a cryptocurrency created as an educational tool that gained substantial market value, and Defi Tiger (DTG), a project promoting environmental conservation efforts and highlighting the commitment to social responsibility.[3]

SMC Points

In October 2022, the SMC Points was launched. It is a system within the community designed to recognize and reward the productive contributions made by Believers. The system is a cornerstone in recognizing and quantifying the value each Believer adds to the community.[5]

To begin earning SMC Points, one must first become a registered member of the community. The platform's registration guide outlines the simple procedures required to finish the registration process, which is easy to understand.[4][5]

SMC Badges

SMC Badges are a way for members of the community to be recognized for their accomplishments, abilities, and competencies. Believers are awarded several kinds of SMC badges according to the attributes they exhibit in the community, as well as according to the accomplishment of predetermined goals or milestones while utilizing the platform.[6]

SMC 2.0

SMC 2.0 is the latest integration of which involves the release of two mobile applications namely SMC Mobile App, a social community app with private and group chat features, as well as a library feature for all of its resources, and Peniwallet, a wallet designed as an ultimate tool for social giveaways.[8]

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