Toastpunk (Launched in October 2021) is a breakfast-inspired brand of digitally generated emotive JPG art with metaverse utility, living on the . They consist of 10,000 Genesis Toast and 1,000 ToastPunk OG, with toast face designs created using bread, cheese, face emotions, and intensities derived from real-life shareable moments.[1]

Inspired by the popular 'Roblox game series, The  comes in digitized forms of cartooned concepts with the main attraction of it being a fun and unique series of collectible toast face-designed NFTs. ToastPunk is said to have the most caring, supportive, and helpful community in the space.[17]

On the 13th of December, Toastpunk partnered with NFTSTAR to bring its users METAGOAL, a football manager mobile game.[6]

Early Beginnings

Based on the Founders true story and his kids, which goes as follows. Only on Sunday family day a workaholic father and his two beautiful kids would wake up early head to the kitchen and start the morning breakfast tradition, they would take whatever bread and cheese available in the fridge harmed with a tomato sauce squeezy bottle each and start creating toast faces as fun and playful breakfast treats.[20]

Over the years a father and his two kids would have come up with over 100 different faces, some are happy, some are sad, some are ugly and some were alien looking. Because of the love, the kids had for ROBLOX, all faces created eventually were inspired by the game. One day, they decided to challenge themselves to make 1,000 toast faces as face emotive designs to share with the world with the main aim into remind others about the lost moment in time and how important it is to Cherish every moment of it. This is how Toast-punk was born, an inspiring project unlike any other that is based on leaving a Legacy of emotions for every person who owns one. The Dad however decided to add a little bit of ingenuity to this plan. To support the value of the projects and the Holders of the 1,000 NFTs, a mega plan combining his years of experience and relationships in the business world can now live along with what his kids have come up with. He can spend more time with his kids instead of just the Sunday breakfast moments.

The Megaplan included a one-of-a-kind casino that only Toast-punk NFT owners and the guests can utilize, as well as a metaverse utility, where punk NFTs can supply energy to other NFTs that need them. And to top it off, an ICO toastpunk crypto coin is used as the main currency of the casino and the charge currency for the supply of energy in the metaverse. The magnitude of this is what makes such a special project.

In each drop, the price goes up and the token supply decreases creating a long-term floorise supported by the of the drop schedule and the ongoing utility benefits. This strategy of deployment is unlike any other much the same as how you can mint one. The only way to get one before it is in the open market is by joining the Toastpunk community and being accepted by them as one and then given the secret password to mint one, they called this the mint hunt and this is definitely what it is, a treasure hunt unlike any other that ends up in you owning a piece of NFT history.[20]


Each ToastPunk first ownership gives access to owners-only perks in ToastPunk's near future metaverse roadmap. ToastPunk owners can use their NFT art as their display picture, bridging emotional connections with their loved ones and as a reminder of the constant evolution of the old ("real life") and the new ("digital"). The ToastPunk collection is made up of 100 ‘Faces’, 24 ‘Emotion groups’, 4 ‘Bread types’, 4 ‘Cheese types’, and 4 ‘Intensities’.[14][15][16]

The goal of ToastPunk is to always provide the best value to its community through smart investments, charitable acts, and long-term utility. This is what each holder will gain from their membership.

ToastPunk's holders will receive daily rewards in the form of $ETH, NFTs, merch, whitelist, free mints, p2e scholarships, and other mystery giveaways. In a nutshell, owning a ToastPunk gives you access to one of the most active giveaway communities.[4]

The toast NFTS are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the  and hosted on InterPlanetary File System. is not just an NFT but a shareable story that can be passed down from one generation to the next, and beyond.[18]

NFT Collections

ToastPunk Genesis

ToastPunk Genesis is a collection of 10,000 unique digital art pieces, representing 10 cheeky characters with 280 edible ingredients. Each NFT can be used as one of the 3D racers in the upcoming play-to-earn Racer Club metaverse by Warrp.

This NFT offers a Behind the Scene series of what happened before "Sunday Breakfast Times" when the kids were up to no good. Genesis is based on a 10-best-friend character project. Hidden within the 10,000 are 1,000 Upgradeable traits NFTs, for which holders will receive a free airdrop of another NFT that belongs to the third collection. This Airdrop will happen after the 10,000 Genesis NFTs have been fully minted.[19]

Genesis Utilities

The main benefits of holding a ToastPunk Genesis include:

  • Early Access to Racer Club (1 month before others)
  • Upgradeable trait NFTs get Collection 3 airdrop for free
  • Access to the ToastPunk Stacks Game

In Q1 2022, the 10 ToastPunk Genesis NFTs were sold out. Then In Aprile community has agreed to work towards a 1 $ETH floor, 99% of holders are not listing and will even hold past this floor price.[11]

ToastPunk OG

This is the only original ToastPunk collection consisting of a maximum of 1,000 NFTs. Membership in the ToastPunk OG private group is only via owning this NFT.

This limited edition collection of 1,000 unique ERC-721 NFTs is the original (OG) ToastPunk collection that launched the ToastPunk brand and movement. Ownership of this NFT entitles holders to exclusive membership rights. The OG collection is divided into 6 parts that go up in price and reduces supply over time as each gives more utility. The 1,000 OG NFTs consist of 900 toast art designs that are un-toasted, known as normal editions, and 100, toasted known as special editions.

Minting of the OG NFT is only by invitation, which is done via the discord group after receiving an OG mint pass role.[8]

ToastPunk OG DAO

The DAO was founded in May 2022 as a result of a community decision to condense a bolder roadmap vision into bite-sized equivalents for OG holders by utilizing the DAO's treasury (funds available). This utility is thus open to DAO members to make proposals and vote on them using the 30% quorum and 51% majority rules. All DAO members who signed up using the official Upstream Collective app have a role in the DAO.

The DAO's goal is to evolve the ToastPunk project and manage the treasury of all ToastPunk projects, which includes 100% of the balance of minting revenue of OG NFTs and 100% of all secondary sales royalties for ToastPunk NFTs in all four Collections.[7]

The DAO will also be the party that will be receiving 15% of the game economy of the ToastPunk Genesis Racer Club game.

Upgradeable Pass NFT

This NFT mints access for special cross-contract interaction with the OG collection to produce an NFT in the fourth collection.

The 1,000 Upgradeable Pass NFTs (Collection 3) will be airdropped by the end of April 2022 to 1,000 ToastPunk Genesis NFT (Collection 2) holders with the "Special > Upgradeable" metadata trait. This is the only way someone can mint in the 4th and final collection.[12]

OG Upgradeable

This NFT collection is formed using an NFT from collections 3 and 1. The OG Upgraded will be an exclusive drop for OG (Collection 1) NFT holders and Upgradeable Pass (Collection 3) NFTpeeksers. Sneak peaks of this will be available in April 2022 and the mint will be open shortly after.[13]

ToastPunk Stacks

ToastPunk Stacks is an addictive mini-game made for ToastPunk collection holders. Players can earn daily ETH and $TPGEN prizes, which go to the best stackers. It is a simple yet extremely addictive and rewarding game created by and for the Toastpunk Community.[5]

Racer Club

Racer Club is a play-to-earn racing metaverse blockchain game created in Unreal Engine. It allows NFT projects to create their own racing game and for players to use their own NFTs in-game that aims to change the use case nature of P2Es.[9]

TGRC (ToastPunk Genesis Racer Club)

ToastPunk Genesis Racer Club is the first Racer Club. It is a fun and rewarding race-and-earn game powered by Unreal Engine that features ten heroes from the ToastPunk Genesis collection as well as an environment based on the same.[10]

Holders of ToastPunk Genesis non-fungible tokens (owned or rented) will be able to use any of the 10 heroes, but their Racer attributes (Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Strength) will be determined by the rarity of the non-fungible token they use in-game.
Each racer will select a car to race in. When racing, some cars offer additional performance multipliers. These cars can be unlocked by completing Milestones.

Players are rewarded with $TPGEN tokens (native tokens), which are auto-staked in-game after being paid out for a 7-day lock-up period. After 7 days, the player can leave the money staked, withdraw it, or use it to make in-game Pack Store purchases. The "Proof-of-Win" consensus mechanism will govern all token rewards.[10]


In Q2 2022, a ToastPunk holder merch store will be launched that will only allow ToastPunk NFT holders to claim for free or buy official merchandise at cost ($$).


Warrp Pty Ltd

Toastpunk is a product of Warrp, An Australian agile tech development company known for its innovative solutions across multiple verticals that is now focusing on Web 3. Warrp has established Racer Club Labs, a specialized game studio dedicated to the development of the game.[2]

  • Matthew Ng - CEO
  • EM and Zack - Creators and Founders
  • Danny and Co - Creators and Designers.[3]come
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