Trace Labs

Trace Labs are the Core developers of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph. is a  infrastructure project combining a decentralized knowledge graph (DKG) and  technologies to create a neutral, inclusive ecosystem. [1][2][16]


Trace Labs was established in 2013 by , and . The Trace Labs Group drives the deployment of human-centric technology through investments and its own R&D, powering physical (real-world) assets, , and . All assets are connected in one Decentralized Knowledge Graph, generating value based on the law of network effects - Metcalfe’s law. [3]

Trace Labs aims to facilitate “cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments”. Also, Trace Labs is responsible for the project’s open-source protocol and trusted network applications used in global supply chains to exchange inter-organizational data. Notable Trace Labs partnerships include global barcode registration body GS1, , and Parity, the core  development team. [5]


The platform was created to address traceability issues in food supply chains, where lack of trust and interoperability was a major challenge. The founders developed a decentralized solution utilizing  technology which was launched through an  (ICO) in 2017 and raised $22.5 million from investors. [4]

In addition, OriginTrail uses oracles and  (AI) to monitor the decentralized graph network securing the ecosystem. [6]



  • Dr. Bob Metcalfe - Internet pioneer and Ethernet founder[7]
  • Greg Kidd - Hard Yaka founder and investor[8]
  • Aaron Bradley - Structured Content Architect at TELUS[9]
  • Dan Purtell - Group Director of Innovation at British Standards Institution[10]
  • Cristina Ventura - Investor, advisor, and founder of Ventura X Ventures[11]
  • Ken Lyon - Global expert on logistics and transportation[12]


Trace Labs x Wintermute

In November 2021, Trace Labs announced a strategic partnership with Wintermute, a leading global algorithmic market-making trading firm. The partnership enables Wintermute to support major listed TRAC pairs on exchanges. In addition to the exchanges liquidity, Wintermute also added TRAC to their OTC (over-the-counter) desk. Wintermute is a market-neutral trading firm where their trading algorithms don’t take positions on TRAC. They partner with projects to provide liquidity and facilitate effective execution for users. [13]

Trace Labs x Sustainable Medicines Partnership

In January 2023, Trace Labs joined the Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP), a not-for-profit committed to reducing the waste of medicines and medicines packaging to make medicines more accessible and sustainable. [14]

The purpose of the partnership was to bring together leading organizations from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to collaborate and share knowledge, in order to find sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the industry. Trace Labs play an important role in the partnership by supporting the creation of industry-relevant knowledge assets on the  Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG). [14]

Trace Labs x OriginTrail x Blockchain Wire

In September 2023, Trace Labs facilitated the integration of Blockchain Wire - a press release distribution service specializing in disseminating news related to and endeavors, into OriginTrail to create a decentralized information hub for all press releases, corporate news, and filings. Through the strategic partnership, Blockchain Wire brings interactions with company data, news, and investor insights to the age. [15]

“We are proud to work with the Blockchain Wire team on an industry breakthrough solution they’re bringing to the market. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to leap-frog many industries and the corporate news and investor research fields are definitely high on the list of the most impactful ones. We’re looking forward to seeing the solution get in the hands of users and help Blockchain Wire achieve their vision.” - , Founder at Trace Labs[15]

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Trace Labs

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