Vigen Badalyan

Vigen Badalyan is the Co-founder of , a comprehensive solutions ecosystem in the  space, functioning as a centralized hub for various offerings under its brand umbrella, including the FTN token, ftNFT, and Fastex Verse. [1][2]


Badalyan earned a Bachelor's degree in International Business from the Armenian State University of Economics between 1991 to 1995. [3]


Vigen Badalyan is a founder of notable brands including Fast Credit Capital UCO CJSC (founded in April 1993), Vivaro Betting LTD (December 2003), VBET[4] (2003), BetConstruct (2003), SoftConstruct (2010), ArLeAM (2016), Hoory, Ucraft, Fastex, etc. [1][3]


Founded in 2017 and powered by SoftConstruct, operates as a  derivatives exchange platform, facilitating spot and OTC trading across a broad range of crypto and  and offering various order trading types, including limit, stop-limit, market, stop-market, trailing stop, trailing stop-limit, and trading API, with futures and leveraged tokens planned for future implementation. [2]

The Fastex wallet is a unified solution for all services within the Fasttoken ecosystem, including the marketplace, Fastex payments, and multiple decentralized applications. [2]

Fasttoken (FTN)

Fasttoken (FTN) is the official token of the and the native currency of the Bahamut blockchain. Within Bahamut, FTN is the , facilitating , block creation, validation mechanisms, and cross-chain operations. Initially launched as an  token, FTN functions as a  within the SoftConstruct ecosystem, enabling users to settle various business and personal transactions across SoftConstruct's products and services.

Fastex is in partnership with the “Olympic” sports charity with the aim to promote the development of sports excellence and improve the living conditions of athletes in the Republic of Armenia. [5]
In June 2024, Badalyan successfully supported Armenian Sports via the provision of Fasttokens (FTNs) to individuals representing the sports:

"Yesterday, Fastex provided a total of 230.000 FTNs (~200 million AMD) to 103 individuals representing the Armenian sports world, including athletes, their coaches, and medical staff.

Ahead of the Olympic Games to be held in Paris, we especially want to highlight and appreciate the work of not only famous Armenian athletes but also the contributions of coaches and doctors who support their success. These events will take place twice a year for the next four years." - Vagalyan tweeted on June 29, 2024[6]

Other Endeavours

Vigen Badalyan is an entrepreneur whose other services include Business strategy, consultancy, UAE visa applications, and moving to Dubai. [3][7]

"As a self-taught entrepreneur, I rely on my instincts and passion to navigate the ever-changing business landscape" - he says on his personal website[3]

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Vigen Badalyan

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