Web3Conf India

Web3 Conference india is a leading chain-agnostic conference centered around technology. It gathers tech enthusiasts for insightful talks, workshops, and discussions on decentralized technology and its societal impact. [1]


Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Mumbai, Web3Conf India is India's largest chain-agnostic conference, organized by the GirlScript Foundation. Held annually, the conference gathers over 1500+ passionate web3.0 enthusiasts in Goa. The event offers an array of activities, including the "Hack - Web3conf" hackathon, startup pitch sessions, insightful talks and panel discussions, and a showcase of company booths. [1][2][7][9]

The GirlScript Foundation

The GirlScript Foundation is a tech company in India that has been dedicated to supporting tech education for beginners since 2017. With programs like GirlScript Summer of Code, LetsPy, Tech In Slums, Uplift Project, and more, the foundation has impacted over 500,000 learners. Recognized and featured by renowned entities like Forbes Asia, Tedx, Technology Playmaker, and Women Tech Network Awards, GirlScript has collaborated with numerous global tech and social good companies, including Microsoft, Redhat, Twitter, and . [3][4]


  1. Web3 Boot Camps: The GirlScript Foundation conducted beginner-friendly boot camps across 52 cities in India, reaching over 15,000 learners.
  2. Web3 Villa Meetups: Web3 Meetup India hosted Web3 Villa Meetups in 10+ cities, fostering opportunities for builders, organizers, learners, and entrepreneurs.
  3. International NFT Day: The foundation organized International Day in 12 cities, engaging enthusiasts in discussions and events related to non-fungible tokens.
  4. Flow Hackathon 2023: Over 7000+ developers participated in the Flow Hackathon, exploring the potential of the platform.
  5. Winter of Blockchain: More than 4000 developers engaged in the Winter of Blockchain, learning and collaborating in the blockchain space.


Sponsors and Partners

  • Web3 Meetup India [5]
  • Hyperedge [6]
  • Ticketing Partner: CopperX
  • Hackathon Title Sponsor: SolidityScan
  • Hackathon Partner: PurplePay
  • Hackathon Platform Partner: Devfolio
  • Community Track Sponsor: IQ.Wiki
  • Venue Partner: Novotel
  • Design Partner: Threeway Studio
  • Accomodation Partner: buktrips

Silver Partners

  • Google Cloud
  • Quill Audits
  • WalletConnect
  • Internet Computer
  • Davos
  • Antier Solutions

Bronze Partners


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