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Wiki Cat is a built on the by . The token was created to educate its community on understanding the world of and adopting it as a mode of payment. The Wiki Cat community's strength lies in the social consensus of shared values like and .[1][2]

The token was launched on March 20, 2022, and recorded a daily trading volume of $40,000 from an all-time high at a Market Cap of $1.3M by the end of that year.[3][4]


describes itself as a digital currency that aims to teach people about understanding and adopting cryptocurrencies in a light, fun, and less serious manner.[5]

We believe the use case for Wiki Cat lies in the strength of its community that believes in the social consensus of shared value. This is what has taken the likes of Doge and Shiba Inu to billions of dollars in the market value.[1]

Wiki Cat ownership has been renounced. WikiCat is owned by the community. There is no CEO, no VC, or board members pulling the strings in the background. For this reason, no wallet has more than 5% of the token. Funding or contributions are voluntary and ultimately the community gets to decide the future of the project.[1]

The coin was created on the with a maximum supply of 1,000 Trillion tokens, of which 30% was immediately sent to a burn wallet never to be recovered. The remaining 70% was made available for buying and selling on [2]

The liquidity pool has also been locked forever making it impossible for anyone including the founder to access and remove funds from the project making it safe to trade in and out.[2]


On March 20, 2022, Wiki Cat was created using the Unicrypt platform and immediately the was locked for 2 years. On May 2, 2024, the project announced that the liquidity pool had been unlocked and transferred to a dead wallet address from which they cannot be retrieved or used again.[6]

In Q4 2022, Wiki Cat recorded a daily trading volume of $40,000 from an all-time high at a Market Cap of $1.3M by the end of that year.[7] As of this writing, the Market Cap stands at $5.23M.[3]

In Q1 2023, trading volumes grew to over $4M, as well as 30,000 new wallet holders, 15,000 X followers, and 20,000 additional telegram members, making it the most viewed token originating from Africa on .[7]

On May 17, 2023, Wiki Cat partnered with Nabox Wallet, a multi-chain platform. The partnership saw Wiki Cat listed on SwapBox and enhanced liquidity and trading options for $WKC token holders.[8]

On June 15, 2023, Wiki Cat partnered with , an innovative platform that analyzes connections between wallet addresses. The partnership offers a fresh perspective on transparency and token analysis, enabling users to gain insights into the activities and connections of $WKC token holders.[9]

In Q1 2024, Wiki Cat is growing in adoption as it is already listed on major such as ,, and .

wikiLiquidity pool locked forever


The Total supply of Wiki Cat tokens created was 1,000 trillion. After creation, 30% of the total supply (300 Trillion WKC) was . On every transaction completed, a 2% tax is charged: 1% tax on the Wiki Cat purchased goes to the burn wallet, never to be recovered and another 1% tax on the token goes to the fee wallet, which is used to fund ecosystem development.

Wiki Cat has an auto burn feature that burns 1% of every transaction whether it’s a buy, sell, or transfer. As a result of the continuous burn that goes on with every WKC transaction, the circulating supply is always reducing making the token more valuable and scarce over time. As of May 2024, the circulating supply is 567 Trillion.[3]

Exchange Listings

On May 9, 2023, $WKC announced its listing on , a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore with a strong presence in Asia.[10]

On June 12, 2023, the team announced that $WKC had been listed on the exchange. According to the team, the listing will increase liquidity and trading opportunities for the token.[11]

On June 22, 2023, $WKC was listed on SuperEx, a Web 3.0-based cryptocurrency exchange. The partnership marked a significant milestone for the project in spreading its borders.[12]



- Fair Launch
- 500 Holders
- 2000 wallet Transactions
- Website launch
- Contract Auditing
- 1000 organic Telegram and Twitter members
- White paper creation


  • & listing
    - 5,000 telegram members
    - 2,000 holders
    - Creation of community Mega wallet
    - Listing on a centralized exchange


- 20,000 telegram members
- 12,000 holders
- Large influencer marketing
- Project review
- Website Redesign
- Meme development


- 70,000 holders
- 100,000 telegram members
- Launch of WikiCat Market website
- Launch of WikiCat app
- Increase marketing
- Partnership announcement
- More Listings on a centralized exchange


- 200,000 holders
- Wiki Cat Merchant App for easy payments of goods and services.
- $1,200,000 in donations for funding crypto education in rural Africa.

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Wiki Cat

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