Yong He

Yong He is the CEO of , a -based platform that provides a secure and cost-effective way to train and use artificial intelligence (AI) models. He is an AI expert who has been researching and blockchain technology since 2014. [1][2]


Yong He attended the Ocean University of China where he studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Technology between 2004 to 2008. In 2009, he enrolled in East China Normal University for a Master's and Ph.D. (combined program) in Bioinformatics. [1]


Yong He is among the first batch of entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence in China. He has presided over the research and development of the first Chinese voice assistant, Smart 360, whose registered users exceeded 17 million. He also led the development of the world’s first artificial intelligence speakers half a year earlier than Amazon Echo. [1]

From February 2012 to 2016, Yong He was the CEO of Entropy Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. [1]

DeepBrain Chain

In May 2017, He became the chairman of the Foundation where he oversaw the development of the company known as the country’s first “cloud of the brain” system. He led the DeepBrain Chain team to win an innovation and creativity award in ZhongGuancun’s Second Blockchain Competition in 2017. [2]

DeepBrain Chain pools together computer resources from people all over the world to provide computational power to artificial intelligence companies. This helps AI companies cut down on the costs of computational resources, allowing them to become more effective in prototyping and practice. [4]

When asked where the idea for (DBC) came from, Yong He replied:

"Since 2012, I’ve been working in the artificial intelligence field building start-up companies. Time and time again I was faced with extremely high hardware costs associated with business development. I needed to think of a way to cut costs associated with the process and came up with blockchain technology integration as a solution. That is how DeepBrain Chain was born." [3]

The DeepBrain Chain platform is built on top of the system and proposes a unique mining mechanism that rewards miners for providing computing power instead of doing meaningless computation that leads to wasting power. [2]

On DBC's utility and relationship with data, Yong He responded to Coin Central:

"DBC will allow AI companies to acquire data more easily.  Because a lot of data are private data.  They have heavy security, such as on health and on finance.  For AI companies, it’s almost next to impossible to acquire these data.  The reason being, these data are easy to copy.  After the data is copied, they’re easy to leak.

One of DBC’s core features is trying to solve this data leakage issue, and this will help AI companies’ willingness to share data, thus reducing the cost you spend on data, to increase the flow of data in society. This will expand and really show the value of data."[4]

Yong He also serves as the CEO and Founder of DEEPCLOUDX INFORMATION TECH PTE. LTD, a Web3-based remote control cloud gaming with low latency founded in October 2022. [5]

DBC Token

DeepBrain Chain ($DBC) is a  token that is used to power the DeepBrain Chain platform. The DBC token serves as the universal currency of the platform, maximizing participation from various AI players in the ecosystem all around the world, including developers, universities, computing power providers, SMEs, financial institutes, and data providers. [6]

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Yong He

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