AI Network

AI Network is a decentralized ecosystem for AI development that provides an open platform for developers to collaborate. It facilitates the gathering of developers, GPUs, development resources, and creator-based data in one accessible location. [1]

In its ecosystem, resource providers have the opportunity to earn AIN tokens by offering their GPUs, while developers can access GPUs for open-source AI programs, and creators can convert their AI creations into AINFTs. The primary objective of AI Network is to integrate AI into , enabling easy development and utilization of artificial intelligence for everyone. [2]


The AI Network utilizes the AIN token to incentivize decentralized computing resources to participate in the network, which facilitates the easy and cost-effective development of AI. Creators and developers globally have access to an open-source AI library and can transform their AI creations into AINFTs. [3]

The AI Network token AIN, is obtained via the AI Network Blockchain. AIN functions as the unit of token within the ecosystem, essential for accessing deployed services on the blockchain. [4]


AINFT, or AIN-based Non-Fungible Tokens, are an extension of traditional with an added extra metadata. The metadata associated with AINFTs is not limited to artificial intelligence and can encompass various types of data, such as historical interactions between the NFT and users. This data is often dynamic and can be updated as the AINFT evolves or as its community expands over time. [5]


Users can earn $Token through activities on the project's platforms or other metaverses as part of the profit-sharing system. The treasury decides the revenue share for NFT holders, buys tokens from the DEX, and deposits them into the reward pool . [6]

Users can stake their NFTs to boost rewards without transferring ownership. They only need to verify ownership and select the NFTs for leveling up. Higher-level NFTs earn more rewards. [6]

One of the core functions of this token economy framework is to increase the usage of $AIN. The $Token is paired with $AIN on a , and the treasury purchases $Token using the project's profits, distributing them to NFT holders. This linkage ensures that the success of the AIN ecosystem is tied to that of individual AINFT projects. [6]

AINFT Factory

AINFT Factory is a tool for AINFT communities to manage their projects. It facilitates data management for community members and AINFTs by connecting communities with common backends such as decentralized storage, databases, and AI model backends. AINFT Factory provides common APIs for AINFT communities to develop their tokenomics. [7]

Using the APIs provided by AINFT Factory, each community can implement their own tokenomics by creating community bots, homepages, or devices. AINFT Factory APIs support tokens and AIN Blockchain as a blockchain database. The platform also offers Solidity template code for deploying new ERC-721 NFTs and TypeScript template code for developing Discord bots and AI model bots. [7]


MiniEggs are unique that hatch AI-powered characters. Interacting with your MiniEgg in the metaverse shapes its personality and appearance over time. Depending on its activity levels, you may receive additional benefits. AI Network records data on NFT activities in the to create and improve AI characters. [8]

Baby Shark

Baby Shark Collection No. 2 consists of 2,000 unique generative NFTs, each representing a member from the Shark family: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, or Grandpa Shark. Each NFT has special traits and attributes. Owners can play games on the official website or personalize their NFTs using the crafting feature on the Baby Shark NFT discord platform. [9]

Soul Fiction

Soul Fiction is an AINFT project involving 15,000 Soulinkers and hyperrealism artist Mr. Kang, known for the portrait "The Imperator of Mars." It combines AI, NFT, and art, featuring Mr. Kang's work. Soulinkers, who own Soulink NFTs, collaborate to create "The Imperator of Mars" AINFT by collectively training the original chatbot. [11]

NFT Classics Society

This collection includes 3D images of the Stradivarius violin based AINFT, and AI models that replicate its original sound. It's the inaugural collection from the NFT Classics Society, a for classical music enthusiasts. AI Network allows AI developers to integrate 3D models or AI compositions into the metaverse, transforming them into AINFTs and enabling the operation of AI-powered musical instruments.[12]

AIN Wallet

The AI Network Wallet, also known as the "AIN Wallet," is a Chrome extension designed for managing accounts and assets on the AI Network. [13]

Runo NFT

Runo serves as a node NFT character within the AI Network project. Holders of the Runo NFT can utilize it to provide computing resources to the AI Network mainnet and receive daily rewards in AIN tokens. Additionally, Runo is a dynamic NFT that evolves based on the node's operating period. [14][15]

The Runo NFT comprises three node types: High GPU, GPU, and CPU. High GPU Runo possesses the highest performance capability and yields the highest amount of AIN tokens. As Runo continues to operate, its level increases. This progression results in the evolution of Runo's appearance, enhancing the rarity of the NFT and allowing to earn more AIN tokens. [15]

GPU Sponsorship Program

The GPU resources obtained from Runo are allocated to projects aimed at fostering the growth and development of the AI ecosystem. The distribution of resources to initiatives that contribute to the activation of the AI Network ecosystem is overseen by AIN DAO, a community involved in building the AI Network. [16]

AI Network Blockchain Architecture

AI Network is a layer 1 blockchain tailored to support large-scale AI models. It uses a decentralized GPU network fueled by the AIN token, enhancing AI-driven NFTs (AINFTs). It offers a cloud service platform based on blockchain technology and allows individual developers to integrate their microservices instantly into the network of computers. [4]

The AI Network is designed to support various types of software on appropriate runtime environments. It accommodates multiple languages on different runtime environments known as Secure Runtime Environments (SRE). [4]

Instead of having a native language, in AI Network, workers within resource provider pools monitor events for execution participation. Consequently, the blockchain's role is primarily focused on disseminating real-time events and recording execution life cycles. [4]

The AI Network Blockchain employs a single tree data structure in a key-value storage system to store transaction histories. This simplifies the task for applications accessing the blockchain, enabling them to retrieve specific data segments using a unified schema. [4]

AIN Token

AIN is the utility token within the AI Network ecosystem, where resource providers contribute GPUs and receive AIN tokens in return. Applications like Ainize and AINFTs on the AI Network utilize computing power, blockchain, and decentralized storage solutions as their backends to provide services to users including researchers, developers, and creators. The total supply is set to be 700,000,000 tokens. [22]



The AIN DAO is a responsible for governing the AI Network ecosystem. The purpose of AIN DAO is to ensure that AI Network serves its community members and that the open-source AI scaling through the network is safe, secure, and beneficial to AIN DAO. [17]


An NFT membership is necessary to access AIN DAO and participate in its governance, including decision-making, proposing new initiatives, and voting. AIN DAO offers three roles for members to select based on their individual traits and skills, which they can contribute to the organization. Members choose their roles, and based on their expertise, they are assigned a level from Level 1 to Level 5 through a sorting system. For instance, a member may be assigned as a Scholar Level 1 or a Creator Level 3, depending on their capabilities. [17]

The roles include:

  • Captains: Captains are members who can contribute resources to AIN DAO, such as RUNO holders, investors, and sponsors.
  • Creators: Creators are members of AIN DAO with skills in AI and NFT creation.
  • Scholars: Scholars encompass developers and researchers involved in open-source AI-related projects and blockchain development.
  • Citizens: Citizens are non-members interested in learning more about AIN DAO or acquiring knowledge but do not possess the necessary skills to assume a role. As non-members, Citizens are always designated as Level 0.

Governance Process

Governance within the AI Network ecosystem follows a structured process. Members propose initiatives and refine ideas in the governance channel on Discord. This stage encourages open discussion and brainstorming, extending beyond specific channels or platforms. Once proposals are developed, they move to the forum for detailed discussions and formal proposals using predefined templates. [18]

Following forum discussions, the voting process begins with Voting Round 1 on Discord. Here, if enough alternatives are considered and discussions held, a voting round starts in the voting channel. A link to the forum proposal is provided. Proposals with more than 5 votes from selected roles progress to Snapshot, a platform moderated by Moderators. [18]

In Snapshot, the second voting round occurs, lasting 3 to 7 days, depending on the project's complexity. During this phase, individuals with an AIN DAO Membership NFT can cast their votes, ensuring decisions are made by active community members invested in the AI Network's development. [18]

Uncommon Gallery

On August 8, 2022, AI Network opened Uncommon Gallery, an offline NFT gallery, coinciding with the start of KBW 2022 (Korean Blockchain Week 2022). Several AINFT projects in progress at AI Network were introduced and showcased at the Uncommon Gallery. The theme of the first exhibition was "Baby Shark NFT." The first phase was on display until August 19, and the second phase was scheduled to start on September 2. [19]

The exhibitions held at Uncommon Gallery are decided by the governance of AIN DAO members, including creators, art enthusiasts, blockchain enthusiasts, and others. Creators, including artists and planners, interested in exhibiting at the Uncommon Gallery must submit a proposal to AIN DAO. The proposal undergoes a voting process by the AIN DAO creator group, consisting of a general creator voting round followed by an expert voting round. Evaluation criteria prioritize understanding of the gallery, contribution to the AIN DAO community, and the AI and Web3 ecosystem. Approved creators participate in community activities, such as reviewing other proposals and sharing exhibition expertise. [20]

The Uncommon Gallery hosted an exhibition featuring the artwork of SHHAN, an artist known for creating various pieces centered around black cats. The exhibition showcased SHHAN's artwork from the 'King Shhans' series, created in 2020, to the more recent 'Mimic Shhans' series from 2022. Additionally, the SHHAN Universe exhibition introduced an AI-powered modified artwork called Mimic Gen, which utilized GPU resources from AI Network. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the diverse SHHAN Universe and experiment with the Mimic Gen AI, allowing them to make real-time alterations to the backgrounds or appearances of Mimic Shhans artworks. The exhibition, titled "SHHAN Universe," ran from June 27 to July 22, 2023, at the Uncommon Gallery. [21]

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AI Network

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