Alan Bolton

Alan Bolton is an Irish digital artist living in Tenerife, Spain. He has a strong passion for photography, videography, 3D visuals, as well as artworks. He likes to bring his own abstract style to projects and he is consistently pushing himself to create unique art that stands out from the average.[1][2]


The bulk of Alan's work consists of social media content for brands and music artists. His clients include top DJs such as Tiësto, Deadmau5, Jay Robinson, and Example.

Alan's artworks are mainly 3D animations and imagery with a surreal abstract feel. He is inspired heavily by music, spirituality, technology, and nature. Each one of his pieces is special to him and he likes to give a back story to each piece and what went through his mind in creating the artworks.[3][4]

I’m inspired heavily by music, spirituality, technology, and nature. Each one of my pieces is special to me and I like to give a back story to each piece and what went through my mind in creating the artwork.


Alan began his career as a creative artist in November 2017 after moving to Los Angeles, California shortly after graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in Business & Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

I spent 14 months in Los Angeles working as the lead content creator for the hugely popular YouTube channel MihranTV. I helped skyrocket the channel following from 480k to 1.2 million within my time in this role. This consisted of uploading 5 videos per week on YouTube ranging from full production dance videos to tutorials and vlogs. I learned how to create consistently high-quality content at an extremely fast pace.

He returned home to Ireland in January 2019 and started working as a freelance content creator full-time. He has been working with brands all over the world and continuing to grow his skills and define himself as creative.

NFT Artworks

In November 2020, Alan entered the art scene. His work is available on MakersPlace, , & .

Below are some of his collections:

The Nature of Mind: This is a single signed edition  piece that was purchased by Big Mike for $20,000. It is in a 1080 x 1350 px, Video (39.3 MB) format. The piece is based on the relationship of living organisms such as human beings combined with advanced technology.[5]

Mind Ecology: This piece has 5 limited editions costing $7,579.01. It comes in a 2160 x 2700 px, PNG (30.3 MB) format.[6]

Crypto Gaming: The 2160 x 2700 px, PNG (24.2 MB) NFT piece was created in 5 limited editions.[7]

Sapiens - The Next Generation by Alan Bolton[9]

Notable Sales

Alan Bolton’s unique surrealist digital style has captured the eyes and artistic appetites of collectors across the space. His artworks are highly coveted and tend to sell out quickly at high price points. His original 1/1 artworks have reached primary sale price points up to ~$30,020.

There is a strong demand for Bolton’s work on the secondary sales market as well, with examples including his SATOSHI’S MASTERPIECE which sold for $1,650 on the primary market, later to be purchased for $21,000 on the secondary market (<strong>+1173%</strong>).[10] Another creation, PURE MYSTERY sold for $5,049 and resold on the secondary market for $51,548 (+921%).[11]


Bolton had 3 sellout drops in 2021 in collaboration with deadmau5, record label Hau5trap, and Manchester City Football club.

with Seven20

Alan recently in April 2021 joined the team of Seven20 in preparation for the release of their 3-piece audiovisual NFT drop which was available for viewing and purchase on April 27, 2021, on MakersPlace. According to Dean Wilson who is the CEO and Founder of Seven20:

"The intersection of tech and music has been synonymous with the deadmau5 brand since inception. With NFTs, it’s important to respect the space – and for us, that means discovering and developing the next generation of digital artists, the same way we do with electronic ones. We’re thrilled to welcome Alan to the team, and proud to present his collaborations to the world."[8]

with hau5trap

In April 2021, Hau5trap, a label defined by its passionate creators both behind the scenes and in the studio collaborated with Alan to expand their artistic breadth with their first NFT launch. The 3-piece audiovisual NFT drop was available for viewing and purchase on Tuesday, April 27 on MakersPlace. The drop includes a 1 of 1 one-minute audio piece, and 2 open editions, both being 15-second audio loops.[12]

I wanted to create something in my style of 3D art that fits with the Hau5trap vibe. I am heavily inspired by spirituality and the human mind so I wanted to create pieces that play off the theme of “Mind Games” and the power of the human mind yet with a fun creative flow that fits with house music.[13]

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Alan Bolton

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