Alex Becker

Alex Becker is an online marketer, entrepreneur, and founder of , a collection of -based  that serve as composite avatars. He has also launched various technology companies, including Market Hero,, and Source Wave, which focuses on digital marketing and SEO software. [1][2]

Early Life

Alex Becker was born on May 24th, 1988, in Dallas, Texas. He joined the Air Force in 2007. While in the Air Force, Alex served as an aircraft firefighter but resigned in 2011 at the age of 23 to go all-in with internet marketing. [1] [3]

Following his military service, Becker decided to take the entrepreneurial path, because according to him, his firefighting skills could not get him any related civilian job. Becker developed a deep interest in technology, prompting him to found two technology-focused enterprises: Source Wave Marketing and Market Hero. The latter rebranded to HYROS in 2019 and was officially launched in 2021. [4][1]


In 2011, Becker founded Source Wave, an SEO software company which he grew to more than $4 million a year in revenue before he sold it in 2019. After that, he created a business email platform called Market Hero in 2015, helping “small businesses reach their customers and analyze results in order to increase the return on investment of their marketing.” [5]


Alex Becker created a niche for himself on YouTube which has over 1.3M subscribers by first posting information about digital marketing and SEO, building on his commercial endeavors. His interests and the topics he covered changed over time, and he eventually shifted his focus to the emerging industry of . [1][9]

Becker's content gained traction during the notable cryptocurrency in 2017 and 2021, propelling him to prominence as a leading crypto influencer. Through his popularity as a YouTube influencer, Alex Becker was able to earn Ad Revenue and invest it into seed rounds for new cryptocurrencies in GameFi, , and the . [1][2]


In May 2019, Alex Becker founded Hyros. Hyros is a multi-channel attribution company that helps enterprise and SMB customers get accurate sales and marketing data that they can leverage to make better ROI decisions. [10]

In December 2022, Banzai International Inc., an engagement marketing startup, acquired HYROS for $110 million. [11]

In March 2023, Becker transitioned from his role as CEO and assumed the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to be heavily focused on product development. Inman Breaux, an AdTech veteran was named the new CEO of Hyros. [11]

Neo Tokyo

In October 2021, Alex Becker and Elliot Wainman[13] collaborated to create the NFT collection with the objective of establishing a project that prioritizes community engagement and fosters a culture of sustained participation. The collection is designed to incentivize holders who actively follow announcements and actively engage in the digital community surrounding the project. [2][7]

These NFTs are composite avatars made up of component NFTs, including an identity, item cache, and land deed. [12]
According to Becker, is more than just a regular project or a space for speculators who desire to make short-term gains. He promotes the project to be more about networking and building valuable assets for community members down the road. [6]

In one of his posts, Alex said:

"The entire goal and vision of NEO Tokyo is around networking and building as a community. I stated in the last post that the amount of value 6500 people can build and share with each other over the span of years in the futures biggest industry (crypto gaming) is unfathomable. I’m talking 100s to billions of dollars worth." [8]

To achieve his long-term goal for the project, Alex continually promotes and emphasizes incentivized building. This refers to projects where individuals are motivated to contribute and create value for the community, leading to mutual benefits. [8]


$BYTES are the native currency of the ecosystem used for providing incentives for networking and building. $BYTES are used to mint new Neo Tokyo Bought Identities (NEOTBI), Neo Tokyo Land Deeds (NTLD), and Neo Tokyo Item Caches (NTITEM). It can also be used to change a Citizen's upload message or change the gender of a Citizen. [14]

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Alex Becker

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