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Neo Tokyo Citizens is a collection of -based that serve as both a traditional profile picture and a way to enter the community. These NFTs are composite avatars made up of component NFTs, including an identity, item cache, and land deed. It was created by (zssbecker) and Elliot Wainman[11] (elliotrades). [1][2][3][6]


The NeoTokyo Identities is a collection of that draws inspiration from the 1987 anime, Neo Tokyo. It was launched in October 2021 with a governed strategy. This NFT collection serves the purpose of generating digital representations of tangible items such as artwork, music, and individuals. The Neo Tokyo NFT launched without any preceding sales campaign and the minting process was also free of charge. [4]
According to the founders,

"Neo Tokyo NFT project was created with the objective of fostering a community that promotes a culture of sustained involvement."

To gain access to Neo Tokyo, the user must hold a Citizen (also known as an “S1”) or Outer Citizen (“S2”) -based NFT. There are several levels of membership to Neo Tokyo. To become a networking member of Neo Tokyo, one needs an Elite Citizen NFT for complete access, a Citizen for general access, or an Outer Citizen for limited access. Each Citizen can be assembled from components or purchased already assembled.[4]


Season 2 (S2) Citizens

Season 2 (S2) Citizens form the entry-level membership of the Neo Tokyo ecosystem. An S2 Citizen's package consists of an ID, Land, and an Item Cache. Despite the Allocation traits indicating rarity, they don't influence the yield of $BYTES, the native digital currency of Neo Tokyo. [2]

S2 Citizens are entitled to benefits, including access to 80% of community resources. They can also participate in the community's growth by earning $BYTES through a dedicated staking pool. Additionally, each S2 Citizen receives a raffle ticket within Citizen Capital, which is Neo Tokyo's Seed Round Investment Firm. This provides an exciting opportunity for them to potentially earn rewards while being an active part of the community. [2]

Season 1 (S1) Citizens

Season 1 (S1) Citizens are the more advanced tier in Neo Tokyo, composed of IDs, Lands, Item Caches, and sometimes Vaults. They have access to a larger pool, with the daily maximum $BYTES yield being 4,000 $BYTES.[2]

S1 Citizens are recommended for project founders, venture capital investors, and high-net-worth individuals. They can access all benefits available to S2 Citizens plus exclusive Discord channels like the Purgatory channel and the basement. S1 Citizens also receive three raffle tickets for Citizen Capital, offering greater chances to win. [2]

ELITE S1 Citizens

The S1 Citizen group has a classification for the top 500 rarities, which is known as "Elite." These individuals are considered the crème de la crème and typically consist of project founders and serious investors. Elite Citizens receive all the benefits of regular S1 Citizens, but they also have access to the exclusive Metaverse Lounge channel and get to participate in private Discord calls about once a week. [2]

Citizen (S1)

A Neo Tokyo Citizen is the NFT created by staking the three components (and optional Vault) in the Citizen Contract. While the component pieces of a citizen are shown as text with computer code syntax, the Citizen NFT is an image of a character based on the properties described in the text of the component parts. [6]

The properties of the Citizen NFT are derived from its component Identity, Vault Card, Item Cache, and Land:



The Neo Tokyo hosts virtual identities of individuals belonging to diverse races, genders, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. These virtual identities are made available for live interaction. [4] The NeoTokyo identities comprise 33 distinct identity classes with varying colors depending on their rarity. [4]

Vault Card

NeoTokyo vault cards are similar to virtual bank accounts since they hold vital information about the players. This information includes credit ratings, share of the game's wealth, and supply items. NeoTokyo vaults also hold the project's native token called Neo Tokyo bytes. [4][5]

Item Cache

When the vault cards were initially released, their holders had to play another game to unlock their item caches' rarity. These caches contained in-game items like automobiles, weapons, and clothing. [4][5]

Land Deed

The land deeds are titles of virtual lands located throughout the NeoTokyo metaverse. The lands are distributed among various communities and users who hold the initial three NeoTokyo elements are eligible to obtain land deeds without any charge. [4][5]

In order to become a NeoTokyo citizen, users need to upload all four items. The ape citizen is a combination of all the four NFTs put together. [5]

Citizen's Appearance

A citizen's appearance depends on the characteristics described in the Identity and the Item Cache and their gender. The background of the resulting composite is based on the Land Deed.

Outer Citizen (S2)

A Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen or S2 provides entry-level access to Neo Tokyo. The Outer Citizen NFT is created by staking the three components in the Outer Citizen Contract. While the component pieces of an outer citizen are shown as text with computer code syntax, the Outer Citizen NFT is an image of a person based on the properties described in the text of the component parts. [9]

The properties of the Outer Citizen NFT are derived from its component Outer Identity, Outer Item Cache, and Outer Land. [9]


An outer citizen's appearance depends on the characteristics described in the Identity and the Item Cache. The background of the resulting composite is based on Land Deed. Skin color is determined randomly on upload. [9]


Bytes are the native currency of the NeoTokyo ecosystem. The Bytes 2.0 staking mechanism went live on June 15th, 2023, and replaced legacy Bytes. Staked S1 and S2 Citizens yield $BYTES, an token. [7]

BYTE History

Initially, $BYTES were distributed automatically when an S1 citizen NFT was assembled. was not needed. The amount of $BYTES a citizen produced was based solely on the combination of their Vault and ID rarity, with yields ranging from 1 to 15. [7]

Bytes 2.0 Yield

Both S1 and S2 Citizens can be uploaded and to produce $BYTES. Holders have the option to choose from 5 different hard-lock staking periods: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. Once an NFT is staked, it cannot be unstaked for the duration of the selected time frame. The same rule applies to Vault NFTs and $BYTES. However, the $BYTES yield can be claimed as often as desired and is not blocked by the staking period. [7][8]


$BYTES are used to mint new Neo Tokyo Bought Identities (NEOTBI), Neo Tokyo Land Deeds (NTLD), and Neo Tokyo Item Caches (NTITEM). It can also be used to change a Citizen's upload message, change the gender of a Citizen, used in the tipping system, and lastly, for integration into other projects. [7]

Projects (Web3 Gaming)

Some projects built by Citizens include:

  • Crypto Commandos
  • Cannaverse
  • Black Meta
  • Bitbrawl
  • BattleMancers
  • Battlemint
  • Crypto Gaming Institute
  • Good Game Hunters
  • Peanut Games
  • Impostors
  • PxQuest
  • Rooniverse
  • Slaaapt Studios
  • Non-Fungible Arcade
  • Soul Splicers
  • The Scrapyard
  • The Kingdom
  • Stumble upon Rumble
  • Vyder
  • VispX
  • Valeria Studios
  • Upptic
  • This Thing of Ours
  • Warrior Alliance
  • World of Migdard 3D NFT MMORPG
  • Wheel Of War NFT RPG[10]
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NeoTokyo Citizens

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