Axion (AXN) is an emerging global monetary system designed to increase the purchasing power of network participants. The network offers an incredibly lucrative investment opportunity, with returns expected to outperform just about every traditional and  investment currently available.[1][2]

Axion prides itself as the world's best staking ecosystem with Up to 47% APR, Daily bitcoin dividends, Curated token launchpad, Community voting, stakes, and many more.[13][14]


wikiAxion is an emerging global monetary system, designed to increase the purchasing power of the ecosystem participants. This is unlike traditional monetary policy where mass inflation is used to primarily fund corporate bailouts. When new currency is added to the ecosystem, and a negligible amount of it goes to the people, the purchasing power of the population diminishes significantly year over year.

Axion changes this oligarchy dynamic by generating interest daily directly to the network participants through fixed inflation. Imagine if the interest from the Federal Reserve went directly into a Users savings account. This is what Axion offers through its Certificate of Deposit System.

It is the answer to the global financial markets that are on the brink of disaster. The original solution to this impending collapse was , a  Peer-to-peer currency. However, since its inception, certain aspects of Bitcoin, such as lack of speed and high fees, have shifted  into more of a store of value than a currency. Axion is that currency.[3][4]


1. Better Staking

Axion's inflation rate is 8% per year. All tokens purchased through buybacks are distributed directly to stakers. This will increase the staking rewards dramatically 100% of inflation is paid out to stakers, and stakers earn proportionally to their stake.

2. Daily Auctions

Users can bid into the daily Auction Pool to purchase Axion daily. How much Axion earn is directly proportional to how much they put in compared to the rest of the pool. If they put in 10% of the ETH for that day, they earn 10% of the Axion in the pool. All Daily Auction entries are automatically staked for 14 days.

The Axion in the auction pool comes from:

  • Unconverted Axion/Late Free claims:
  • Every week HEX2T holders wait to convert to Axion, and a cumulative 2% of their balance is added to the Auction Pool
  • Portions penalized from late/over-limit HEX-free claims are added to the Auction pool.
  • Early Exit and Late Withdrawal fees:
  • If they end their stake ahead of the committed period, the user will pay a penalty that goes to the Auction pool
  • If they don’t withdraw after their stake is completed, the user will pay a penalty that goes to the Auction pool.[12]

3. Minimum Auction Bid

Minimum Auction Bid is a Daily Auction price protection mechanic that restricts too much Axion from being distributed through daily auctions for a comparatively low amount of ETH.

Initial minimum bid = (7-day average price of HEX2T before mainnet launches) - 10%

Taking into account self-referrals,  pricing would have to surpass a 40% discount to make  the better option for acquiring AXN, thus auctions should remain optimal for a majority of users.

Optimal pricing of auctions results in more buybacks, staking, and general system participation.

4. Free claims for Hex Holders

While the two projects are not officially affiliated, the team applauded Hex for innovating certificates of deposits and bringing this financial instrument to .

While Hex may have been the first mover in this specific application, the team saw that there was inequality in the Hex system regarding both the staking rewards and the ETH auctions. In the interest of transparency and community-centric ideals, They fixed the problems they have identified and put the community above all else.

HEX Free claims will be available over 350 days, beginning at the launch of the mainnet. Each ETH address containing HEX on snapshot date (staked or unstaked) will be able to claim to receive free Axion up to 1:1 or 100% of their HEX balance with a maximum cap of 10 million tokens. Claims will begin at a rate of 100% of their HEX balance, with each successive week decreasing by a cumulative 2% (0.2857% penalty applied daily).[5]

How Axion Distributed

Anyone holding Hex3T tokens will receive Axion at a rate of 1:1. Hex holders will also receive Axion 1:1, limited at 10M Axion tokens. Freeclaim amounts start at 100% of the total available free claim for week one and decrease by 2% weekly. (0.2857% penalty applied daily)

Week One Freeclaim: 100% – Week Fifty Freeclaim: 2%

Hex holders will also be auto-locked for a year. If Hex holders do not claim their Axion tokens, they will become available for purchase in the Daily Auction.

  • Fixed Inflation
  • Fast
  • Passive Income
  • Rewards the Community
  • Inexpensive
  • Global and Scalable[6]


Axion is Built to Scale, With its 500 billion initial total Supply, 80% of ETH Earned in auctions is used to buy back tokens. 100% Of all purchased AXN tokens are distributed to stakers with a 1:1 Freeclaim ratio for Hex3T and Hex holders and 8% annual inflation that goes directly to stakers. There is no Auto-Stake For Hex3T holders, 100% auto-stake for Hex holders.[7][11]

Axion Galaxy NFTs

This is a Staked Axion NFT, which earns its holder 8% interest in AXN plus additional monthly liquid dividends that can be withdrawn from the Axion staking portal. This can be sold or traded, and the holder will start earning Bitcoin from it instead of the previous owner. Once the stake is matured, the AXN principal + interest can be withdrawn to their wallet.[8]

The Galaxy NFTs make it possible for users to now move their stakes from soft wallets to Ledgers, sell them on , assign them to a new wallet, and possibly even leverage them as collateral in the near future.


There are 48 unique galaxy videos, one of which will be assigned to your Galaxy NFT depending upon the amount of AXN and the duration of the stake.[9]


Here's a breakdown of all the development work that has gone on within Axion since its launch in November 2020.


  • Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings.
  • Axion Incubator
  • Additional ongoing Axion Launch partnerships.
  • NFT Stake minting
  • Adding additional languages to the Staking Platform

Q4 2021

  • LUXY Launch partnership
  • Diamond Stake NFT & Auto-minter launched
  • Axion NFT Collection launched on
  • OG-POLYGON NFTs delivered to all buyers
  • Axion Supernova NFT minted
  • Use wBTC divs in the Accelerator
  • Stake splitting
  • Stake naming
  • Voting system improvements
  • Axion v3 contract launched!
  • Accelerator promo video ads created for advertising network
  • Axion launch on Polygon
  • Axion v3 code audited completed

September 2021

  • HEX added to the Axion Accelerator
  • Polygon Chain Migration Announced
  • Axion v3 code audit started
  • Axion Advisory Council established
    added to the Axion ecosystem
  • Axion Accelerator launches!

August 2021

  • Single auction type + Auction Buyback & Burn deflationary measures
  • BAT now available in the Axion Ecosystem
  • Axion Liquidity Pool Mining completes
  • Brave Browser homepage takeover
  • Axion Testing Initiative launch
  • Axion Summer Giveaway
  • Launch of Vesting Engine for redeeming launches.
  • HTML5 ads distributed across an advertising network
  • Interactive Roadmap now live

June 2021

  • Website v3 launch with multi-lingual support.
  • Development began on the Vesting Engine for Axion Launch.
  • Brave Browser push notification campaign begins.
  • Semetrix Digital onboarded for programmatic ad campaigns.
  • Axion v3 testing contract launched to Ropsten test network.
  • 90% of Axion v3 code completed.
  • Community town halls were performed discussing Axion Foundation structure change
  • Axion Launch: Vabble presale, IEO, and airdrop.[10]
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