Bitrue is a exchange () that provides access to over 700 . Its services include spot trading, futures, OTC trading, , copy trading, and more. The exchange holds a high global ranking for trading volume, particularly in trading.[1][6]


Bitrue is a exchange () known for providing services and access to many different . The platform supports more than 700 , making it a diverse choice for traders and investors. Bitrue offers multiple trading options, including spot trading, futures trading, and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. Additionally, the platform offers services, copy trading, and investment opportunities.

Bitrue has a high trading volume, especially in trading, which has contributed to its growth in the global market. The exchange focuses on providing a secure and user-friendly environment by implementing different security measures such as cold storage, two-factor authentication (2FA), and regular security audits to protect users' assets. [5][8][1]

Services and Products

  • Spot Trading: Bitrue provides a spot trading platform where users can trade over 300 pairs, including popular cryptocurrencies such as (), (), and . The platform includes trading tools, charts, and real-time market data.

  • Crypto Loans: Bitrue's crypto loan service allows users to borrow using their existing assets as collateral. This service offers flexible loan terms and interest rates.

  • Power Piggy: Power Piggy enables users to earn interest on their deposits. Users can deposit various cryptocurrencies and receive daily interest payouts. The list of supported cryptocurrencies and interest rates is regularly updated.

  • Staking: Bitrue offers services where users can lock their assets to support operations and earn rewards. The platform supports staking for a variety of cryptocurrencies with different plans available. [6][7]


Bitrue was founded in 2018 in Singapore with the objective of creating a comprehensive financial services platform within the industry. Since its establishment, Bitrue has expanded its service offerings and user base, making advancements in both technology and market reach. [3][1][4]


  • 2018: Bitrue was launched, initially providing basic trading services. The exchange (), gained visibility due to its user-friendly interface and security measures.

  • 2019: The introduction of Power Piggy marked an expansion in Bitrue's investment services. The exchange also increased the number of available trading pairs and listed additional to meet growing demand.

  • 2020: Bitrue enhanced its loan services, allowing users to access liquidity without needing to sell their assets. This year also saw the integration of more trading pairs and the introduction of advanced trading tools to support users' trading activities.

  • 2021: Bitrue launched new products and features, further diversifying its offerings. Security measures were upgraded with advanced encryption techniques and regular audits for user safety.

  • 2022: The platform introduced various programs, enabling users to earn rewards by locking their assets. Customer support and community engagement were also expanded, including initiatives like AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and webinars.

  • 2023: Bitrue continued to grow by forming new partnerships, listing more , and enhancing the user experience. The exchange's focus on trading volume has seen it increase its position in the global market. [7][10][11]

Bitrue Ventures

Bitrue Ventures, launched in Q2 2024, focuses on investing in early-stage startups, specifically in AI, and () projects. Led by industry professionals, it offers funding ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 per project, emphasizing tailored support without limiting its investment scope. Supported startups gain access to Bitrue's ecosystem, including over 10 million users, marketing services, and industry connections.

Iris Chu, Director Director of Ventures and Partnerships, shared her thoughts on A.I:

"AI has made a huge splash in the media within the past year, drawing public attention back to emerging technologies and how they will reshape our world, particularly in efficiency and transparency,"

The Launchpool feature enhances visibility during product launches. Initial investments include WingRiders and Liqwid Finance on the . Iris Chu, emphasizes Bitrue Ventures' objective to encourage technical innovation and support startups in the early stages of development within the competitive crypto landscape. [12][13]


Community and Support

Bitrue maintains an active presence on various social media platforms and engages with its community through regular updates, promotions, and educational content. The exchange offers 24/7 customer support to resolve user queries and issues. Community initiatives include AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, webinars, and participation in industry events. [2][7]


Bitrue was founded by Curis Wang. Curis Wang has a background in financial technology and has worked in various capacities within the tech and finance industries. Under his leadership, Bitrue has focused on integrating traditional financial services with offerings, emphasizing security and user experience. [9]

Curis Wang shared his thoughts on Bitrue:

"Bitrue is a crypto exchange, we launched ourselves last July(2018), and then there's one big move we decided when we launched ourselves, we decided to opt in with XRP as our base currency. So today, Bitrue is an XRP-centric exchange."

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