BLOCKv (VEE) is a -based user interface protocol that facilitates the creation of interactive, dynamic virtual assets. It serves as a staging ground where developers can leverage BLOCKv’s interface protocol layer to develop smart and dynamic virtual goods, called “vAtoms” which are valuable in the real world[1][2].


BLOCKv uses its cryptocurrency “V” (VEE) to facilitate all transactions on the platform. VEE tokens are used by different groups for different purposes. BLOCKv uses the token to reward developers, while developers require VEE tokens to pay for various vAtoms operations.

BLOCKv provides a development platform with a complete set of APIs, robust tools, and training that enable developers to create and emit digital objects on the blockchain. These objects, called Vatoms, can be obtained and viewed across any mobile device. Vatoms are highly programmable and allow users to store and secure digital goods and move them seamlessly between users[3].

The BLOCKv platform enables the creation of Vatoms, a new digital asset class that bridges the gap between physical and digital worlds, generating one-to-one experiences and creating new levels of engagement.

BLOCKv provides a platform for the developer community to create and distribute vAtoms: dynamic, compelling digital goods that provide new models of blockchain utility and commerce potential.

BLOCKv is a shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack. It enables the creation of smart digital objects (vAtoms) on different blockchains like , Ethereum and EON[2].

vAtoms provide the holder with the all the advantages of  such as scarcity, ownership, and tradability, but can also take the form of collectibles, coupons, loyalty programs, gift cards, game items and much more, allowing users to own a virtual object much like they own a physical object.

The V (VEE) token is an  token that powers all operations within the BLOCKv platform. The BLOCKv platform is designed for the simplicity of creating and distributing virtual assets[2].

BLOCKv Technology

The developments of smart assets on BLOCKv platform is facilitated by using vAtoms templates, which are a new class of assets that can be owned & traded by end-users and are compatible with different environments. Each vAtom is recorded on blockchain which makes it unique, verifiable, and traceable.

vAtoms work on the same mechanisms of  technology, but with added extra features. vAtoms combine both the execution code and token into smart assets. In addition, vAtoms incorporate 3D models, animations, music, and videos, and other interactive features to make it more pleasant and usable for the users[5].

vAtoms are developed by integrating several different programmable components. They act as a unique class of smart assets, which is determined by its template and its variations. Every template contains a set of rules that define the nature and functions of smart assets[4].

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