Bonsai3 is a toolkit designed for founders, offering a no-code solution to manage their tech stack throughout the product lifecycle. It assists in various stages, from pre-MVP to scale-up, facilitating tasks such as token deployment, distribution, and market making. [1]


Bonsai3 provides a toolkit tailored to support the launch and management of Web3 projects. Like WordPress for Web3, it offers various tools and features to assist founders and developers at different stages of project development, aiming to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and enhance security. Through its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Bonsai3 endeavors to aid project teams in effectively leveraging technology and fostering innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. [2]


Announced on February 9th, 2024, Bonsai3 is introducing an no-code solution to simplify tokenization on the blockchain. This protocol aims to streamline token creation and management, offering developers a more intuitive approach. Unlike traditional standards, ERC404 introduces new features enhancing security, governance, and interoperability. This solution allows developers to utilize their creativity without requiring advanced coding skills. The user-friendly interface aims to make tokenization accessible to a broader audience, potentially creating new opportunities for users and businesses. [3]

No-Code Toolkit

Focusing on streamlining the launch process, Bonsai3 offers a no-code toolkit for faster, cost-effective, and secure deployment of projects. Operating like WordPress for Web3, it presents a suite of smart contracts dedicated to turnkey token creation, distribution, and management. [2]

Token Creation Hub

The Bonsai3 Token Creation Hub is the initial step for projects launching on the platform, simplifying the process from conception to deployment. It allows founders and developers to deploy a new token in four straightforward steps, facilitating a quicker path to launch. The hub offers various capabilities, such as frictionless deployment for fungible tokens, turnkey features like the addition of buy and sell token taxes, controls including transfer blacklists and min/max transfer amounts, and customizable parameters such as name, symbol, chain, and supply, providing flexibility and customization options to users. [4]

Token Distribution Portal

The Token Distribution Portal allows developers and users to distribute their tokens in three ways: a decentralized launchpad, a private sale, or an airdrop.

  • Decentralize Launchpad: Bonsai3 offers a decentralized launchpad model, allowing projects to raise capital from a broad community to support early development, liquidity, and marketing expenses. This model provides customizable parameters, including the number of tokens for sale, token sale price, sale duration, maximum allocation per user, soft cap (minimum amount raised), hard cap (maximum amount raised), vesting schedule, and address whitelist. Additionally, Bonsai3 aims to protect retail users in investing by requiring founders to disclose full project details, fund allocations, tokenomics, and the minimum liquidity amount to be added. [5]
  • Private Sale: A private sale option allows founders to raise funds from a pre-selected group of investors. It also facilitates 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) verification and issues Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs) for all participants, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The private sale module encompasses various features, including an overview of project details, tokenomics schedule, vesting schedule, investment memo, SAFT generator, and module. [6]
  • Airdrop: The Bonsai3 handler facilitates projects' distributing tokens to multiple wallets without limiting the number of recipients. Whether sending 100 tokens to 100 wallets or varying amounts to an unlimited number of wallets, the tool offers flexibility. However, the only consideration is a flat fee per 1,000 wallets receiving the airdrop. [7]

SAFU Suite

The Bonsai3 SAFU Suite offers a comprehensive no-code toolkit for established Web3 enterprises: [8]

  • SAFU Smart Contract Audits: In response to the paramount importance of security in Web3, Bonsai3 provides fully audited smart contracts and introduces an AI-powered audit service. This service enables projects to analyze their smart contracts internally with ease. Upon completion, projects receive a 'Bonsai3 SAFU Certificate' as proof of their commitment to security.
  • SAFUSeed Manager for Risk-Free KOL Investments: The SAFUSeed Manager smart contract facilitates investment from key opinion leaders (KOLs) and mitigates investment risks, making it easier for KOLs to support projects financially while managing potential downsides.
  • SAFU Automated Market-Making: Bonsai3's self-service dashboard empowers projects to set and control various market-making parameters, including volume goals, price targets, auto-cashout, and support/resistance levels, enhancing token performance.
  • Engage-to-Earn with the BonsaiBot: The BonsaiBot enables the implementation of engage-to-earn campaigns on Telegram. Users can participate by sharing their social media handles and wallet addresses. The bot tracks user engagement metrics, facilitating rewards for active community members.

SEED Token

SEED is a that gives holders a direct stake in Bonsai3 and grants them a share of platform profits. These profits are utilized for token buybacks, with 66% of platform earnings allocated to acquiring SEED tokens. A proportion of these tokens is subsequently distributed among SEED holders, reinforcing a direct link between Bonsai3's success and SEED's value. The remaining tokens are eliminated to instigate deflation, augmenting token scarcity. Beyond profit-sharing, SEED enables discounted access to platform services, with payments made in SEED contributing to token scarcity through or locking mechanisms. [9]


The tokenomics were designed pragmatically, avoiding high valuations at launch and allowing the market to set the price. The founders funded the development with a single SEED round involving 20 marketing partners. This strategy ensures genuine investors are involved, as no free SEED tokens were distributed. The remaining token supply is reserved for developer grants, community rewards, and expanding the partner network as the platform grows. [10]

Bonsai3 DAO

The Bonsai3 grants SEED holders the right to engage in voting on community proposals. The influence of each vote correlates with the amount of SEED held by the voter, with more significant token holdings carrying greater weight. Proposals require approval from a predetermined percentage of the community, referred to as the 'quorum,' ensuring that decisions accurately reflect the community's collective interests. [11]

Developer Programs

Founder Support Program

Launched in December 2023, The Founder Support Program aims to aid entrepreneurs and developers in initiating successful projects and influencing the direction of future. Bonsai3 offers comprehensive support for project development, including providing access to the in-house development team and assistance in securing funding. Additionally, the platform connects project creators with its partner network for further promotion and visibility. Bonsai3 offers project creators discounted platform fees and additional perks as an added benefit. [12]

Contributor Program

In January 2024, Bonsai3 announced its Contributor Program, inviting developers interested in contributing to the platform. Monetary rewards are offered for coding contributions as part of our mission to enhance Web3 development. Contributors receive compensation based on their work's complexity and time commitment, with payments disbursed transparently through an escrow setup upon task completion and approval by the core team and auditors. This process ensures fair compensation for contributors' efforts. [13]


BNB Chain

On December 15th, 2023, Bonsai3 successfully integrated into its platform. The community endorsed this decision, advancing the blockchain ecosystem and providing users with increased flexibility and options. [14]

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