Cecilia Hsueh

Cecilia Hsueh is a Co-founder and CEO at , a fully permissionless  (EVM)  that uses a combination of  and  technology to enable possibilities in finance, gaming, social media, and entertainment. [1][2]


In April 2014, Cecilia Hsueh founded J.C.Moritz Investment Consulting and served as the CEO until 2019. In December 2019 she served as the CEO of Phemex, a global exchange. [1]


In September 2023, Cecilia founded where she serves as the CEO. Morph features its unique implementation of decentralized sequencer and optimistic zkEVM technologies, ensuring robust security and performance in the blockchain space. This integration sets a new standard for solutions. By providing developers with advanced tools and technologies, Morph serves as a gateway to the future of practical  applications. [3]

Morph raised $20 Million in seed and angel funding in March 2024. The seed round of $19 million was led by Dragonfly, with participation from , Foresight Ventures, the Spartan Group, Symbolic Capital, and others. The angel round, worth $1 million, included participants such as and . [4]

The company intends to utilize the investment towards talent acquisition, enhancing developer incentives, expanding marketing efforts to further bolster its visibility within the Layer 2 ecosystem, and refining its technical infrastructure. [4]

“Today is yet another milestone in the journey of Morph, as we continue to grow its ecosystem with like-minded partners and investors who are looking to advance the blockchain industry into the mainstream. Morph is set to revolutionize how blockchain technology is utilized by organizations within the entertainment, finance, social and gaming industries.” - Cecilia Hsueh said in a blog post[4]

In April 2024, Morph partnered with , a decentralized , sharing real-time financial market data across various . By integrating Pyth pricing data into the Morph scalable infrastructure, users can access accurate and up-to-date information while benefiting from Morph’s security. The collaboration offers users the ability to build new  applications, knowing that their data is secure and being built on a scalable platform. [5]

“The partnership between Pyth and Morph opens doors for developers to create cutting-edge DeFi applications that leverage reliable data and scalable infrastructure, driving innovation in the decentralized finance space.” - Cecilia Hsueh, CEO at Morph[5]

Morph also partnered with , a  exchange and company in December 2023. The team announced the closing of a multimillion-dollar investment from . [7]

"The recent capital infusion showcases our incubator’s confidence in Morph’s UVP and sets the stage for the seed funding round. Our proactive financial strategy is crafted to tackle an aggressive roadmap and product development timeline to reform the Layer 2 landscape.” - said CEO Cecilia Hsueh. [7]

On Morph’s vision and how it aligns with the concept of a consumer-centric blockchain, Cecilia states:

“At Morph, our vision is rooted in making blockchain technology not just a sophisticated tool for tech enthusiasts but an everyday utility for everyone. We’re bridging the vast potential of blockchain to create practical, user-friendly applications. Our approach is about simplifying blockchain usage and making it as intuitive and indispensable as smartphones are today. Morph makes blockchain accessible to everyday users by focusing on seamless integration, intuitive interfaces, and a modular architecture that caters to diverse consumer needs. We’re committed to bringing blockchain out of the niche market and into the mainstream.”[6]

Cecilia believes that in the next 5 years, will evolve beyond its current financial and speculative focus to become a foundational technology across various sectors.

"We’ll witness its integration into areas like supply chain management, digital identity verification, and more consumer-centric applications. Morph aims to be at the forefront of this evolution. We’re not just developing technology; we’re building an ecosystem where developers and consumers co-create value-driven applications. Morph will play a pivotal role in shaping a future where blockchain is as common and essential as the internet is today.” - she says in an interview with Finbold[6]

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Cecilia Hsueh

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