ChainIDE is the world's first and largest cloud-based multichain IDE for developers to create smart contracts and dApps.[1]


ChainIDE is a web-based development platform that supports multiple blockchain environments. Since its launch in 2019, ChainIDE has served over 200,000 developers and currently supports 8 public blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Flow, and Aptos. ChainIDE has obtained official certification from Ethereum and is prominently showcased on their website and featured in their documentation.
In addition to providing powerful development tools, ChainIDE also offers developer education services, creating a vibrant community of blockchain developers worldwide.[1][2]

ChainIDE Core

  • Cloud-based user experience: By leveraging cloud-based technology, ChainIDE eliminates the need for local system configurations or pre-installed software. Developers can immediately start building decentralized applications on Optimism without any setup requirements, providing a hassle-free and efficient development experience.

  • Streamlined development process: ChainIDE is designed to simplify the development process by providing developers with a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of tools. These tools include unique features such as front-end and back-end support, as well as a sandbox functionality that sets ChainIDE apart from other IDE platforms. With these resources at their disposal, developers can effortlessly write, test, and deploy smart contracts and dApps, leading to a significant boost in their development efficiency.

  • Developer education and support: ChainIDE provides education and incubation support tailored to developers of different skill levels. This includes detailed tutorials, Q&A sections, and online/offline developer events, among other initiatives. ChainIDE benefits blockchain providers by promoting their platforms and techniques.[3]

Ecosystem News

  • ChainIDE and BSC partnership announcement[4]

  • Binance Masterclass hosted with ChainIDE[5][6]

  • META(Middle East Turkey Africa) Web3 Builder Competition co-hosted by ChainIDE[7]

  • ETH Riyadh 2023: Empowering Saudi Developers with ChainIDE[8]

Supported Chains

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