Christopher Jaszczynski (MMCrypto)

Christopher Jaszczynski (also known as MMCrypto) is a trader and the Co-founder of MMConsult, a blockchain consultancy company, and MMCrypto, a crypto-related YouTube channel. He is also a crypto X (Twitter) personality with over 1.4 million followers as of April 2024. [1][2][6]

Early Life & Education

Chris Jaszczynski was born in Osnabrück, Germany. He graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2015 with a degree in Investment Management. He attended Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences where he studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics and graduated in 2017. [5]

Afterward, he went to Universität Münster Professional School for a Master of Science degree in Management / Economics from 2017 to 2019. He was also at The University of Nicosia (UNIC, for short) in 2017 to study Digital Currencies.[5]


Chris was initially a Taxi Driver before he stumbled on in 2017 when was still relatively new leading him to start the YouTube channel, MMCrypto. [6]

"In 2017, I bought Bitcoin and wanted to increase my purchasing power with it. I did it with a team of a few people. We still have six or seven people in the team, whereas I'm the face, I'm talking on YouTube and so on and going to conferences standing on stage.

We invested in Bitcoin and in altcoins, and even in ICOs back in those days. It went so well that we just decided to share our knowledge, share the framework with the public. And the best way is YouTube of course. That's the short story." [7]

Chris led a team of 5 individuals, which included Kerim Dolan, Davinci “DavinciJ15” Jeremie, Anup Dhungana, Samundra Bhusal, and Marcel Schlack. He worked as a visiting consultant for Fischer Konrad GmbH from April to August 2017. Additionally, Chris was an early investor in several projects, including Bounty0x, , and WaBi Project. Currently, he is a media partner with HYGH AG. [2][8]

MMCrypto YouTube Channel

The MMCrypto channel uploaded its first video on September 13, 2017.[8] His videos generally focus on price analysis, monetary policies, tutorials, expert interviews, and price action and charts. As of April 2024, The MMCrypto YouTube channel has over half a million subscribers. [6]

Early in 2021, MMCrypto posted livestream YouTube videos that often surpassed one hour in length, with his other videos generally staying under the 20-minute mark. As the year progressed, MMCrypto’s live streams became less frequent and his non-streamed videos became shorter as the year progressed, yet the views continued to go up.

MMCrypto typically films his YouTube videos in different locations, such as in classy vehicles and scenic destinations, or with in the background, showcasing them while openly discussing his crypto trades and positions. MMCrypto focuses on and promotes interest in certain crypto assets that he admitted to being invested in. [8]

In November 2021, he posted a viral TikTok video[9] showcasing his property including his cars, and making a tour of his home in Dubai. MMCrypto typically has an overall view of Bitcoin and the crypto space. He largely favors going long on crypto trades versus shorting. Based on some of his tweets, MMCrypto claims to own mostly crypto, with comparatively little [8]


In August 2017, Jaszczynski founded MMConsult, a community of  project advisors and Bitcoin investors who were among the first to use on-chain analysis to forecast the price of . [4]

It consists of a broad network of influencers, high-network individuals, syndicates, venture capitalists, and connections to exchanges to help users contribute to the progress of blockchain projects. [4]

"Our goal is to make the crypto community a bit better and to be a part of the whole on the way to the mainstream. Trust us and let us grow together." - the linkedin page states.[4]

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Christopher Jaszczynski (MMCrypto)

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