Conan is an -based named after the heroic US special forces dog who gained fame for his role in the 2019 raid targeting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Conan also aims to harness to revolutionize economies and positively impact society. As part of this goal, it is dedicated to supporting charities that help military personnel and their families.[1][2]

On February 25, 2024, the creators of Conan, who are affiliated with the team behind , transferred 20 billion CONAN tokens to Trump's wallet at the project's launch. Initially valued at $40,000, these tokens have since appreciated significantly in value.[3]


Conan is a special operations military working dog in the United States 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force). He is a male Belgian Malinois and was named after late-night talk show host and comedian Conan O'Brien. He is a veteran canine of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and has served in over 50 combat missions.

K9 Conan, like all MWDs, was trained by the 341st Military Working Dog Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base, which is located in Texas. Though his rise to fame in the raid against ISIS brought him out of his previous classified position, the remainder of the missions he went on were classified.
wikiConan, the heroic dog, gained international recognition for his brave and selfless actions during a daring raid carried out by the United States Special Forces. This courageous Belgian Malinois played a vital role in the operation that targeted ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019. Despite sustaining injuries in the line of duty, Conan's unwavering dedication and resilience captured the hearts of people worldwide, making him a symbol of bravery and sacrifice among military and dog lovers alike.[4]


Conan is a inspired by the legendary tale of Conan, a heroic war dog celebrated for his extraordinary service. Named after the special forces dog who gained fame for his pivotal role in the 2019 raid that targeted Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Conan stands as a tribute to bravery and dedication. Launched in December 2023, Conan is a fully organic, community-driven project. The contract was renounced and was burned in early January 2024, empowering the community to take full control and drive the project's success.[5]

The Conan community is vibrant, active, and highly engaged, consistently promoting the token across various channels. This passionate involvement helps maintain Conan's relevance and visibility in the crowded market. The project's commitment to charity is a core value, pledging to raise funds and provide a donation wallet from which funds are sent directly to Semper K9 and the Wounded Warrior Project via the Giving Block.

Conan blends humor with practicality, aiming to make a significant impact in the cryptocurrency world. With its large supply and zero transaction tax, Conan is poised to become a key player in the casual crypto markets. It appeals to a wide audience, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts, patriots, and newcomers to digital currencies. Conan's unique blend of community spirit, charitable focus, and engaging story set it apart as a standout project in the crypto space.[10]


$CONAN is an token with a fixed supply of one trillion coins. It operates with no transaction tax, which means that users can send and receive coins without fees diminishing the amount transferred. This approach is intended to maximize usability and encourage high transaction volume.[6]

2% of Conan's total supply was sent to former President Trump's wallet after it launched in 2024.

$CONAN tokens can be traded on centralized  exchanges and , which include CoinW, Bilaxy, , and .[7]

Charity Partners

  • Semper K9 Assistance Dogs: Semper K9's mission is to enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically ill, and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families by providing them with custom-trained service dogs. Using rescued and donated dogs, they provide service dogs for psychiatric alert and mobility challenges free of charge to disabled veterans.
  • Wounded Warrior Project: The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) helps veterans and active duty service members. Among the services offered by the WWP are mental health support, career counseling, and long-term rehabilitative care—helping veterans achieve their highest ambition when they return to civilian life.[8]


Conan operates on the , which utilizes a robust and secure consensus mechanism. This advanced technology ensures the network's security, scalability, and energy efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for long-term growth. The provides a decentralized platform for Conan, allowing seamless and transparent transactions.

Conan leverages the power of , which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. These smart contracts automate various processes within the Conan ecosystem, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of human error. The contract renouncement and liquidity burn further bolster the project's security and trustworthiness, enabling the community to take full control.[9]

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