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Crypto Briefing is a -focused news outlet that provides coverage, analysis, and insights into various aspects of the and cryptocurrency industry. It offers news articles, market analysis, reviews, and educational content to its audience. [1][2]


Crypto Briefing was founded in 2017 by Han Kao, Jon Rice, and . The platform provides a wide range of content, including news articles reporting on the latest developments in the crypto world, market analysis pieces offering insights into price movements and trends, and in-depth reviews of blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Crypto Briefing offers educational materials aimed at helping readers understand fundamental concepts and technologies underlying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. [3]

In February 2024, was appointed as the CEO of Crypto Briefing. [12]

The categories that Crypto Briefing offers include Business, Markets, Analysis, Technology, People, Education, and Briefings. [1]


The business category encompasses various companies operating within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This includes exchanges, technology developers, mining operations, platforms, projects, asset managers, and consulting firms. It covers businesses across different sectors and provides insights and news on industry developments, trends, and innovations. [4]


The markets category covers cryptocurrency market analysis, insights, and news. It includes information on digital asset prices, trading volumes, trends, and investor sentiment for major cryptocurrencies and . Additionally, it provides updates on market indicators, technical analysis, trading strategies, and significant events affecting cryptocurrency markets. [5]


The analysis category provides detailed evaluations of market trends, price movements, and trading patterns for cryptocurrencies. It also covers fundamental analysis of blockchain projects and technical analysis using charts and indicators to predict future price movements. [6]


The technology category covers discussions on blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, scalability solutions, , , and emerging technologies. [7]


The people category includes coverage of key individuals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It highlights founders, developers, investors, and influencers, providing profiles, interviews, and analysis of their contributions and perspectives. [8]


The education category includes resources such as guides, tutorials, glossaries, and explanatory articles covering fundamental and advanced topics related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. [9]


The briefings category provides concise summaries and updates on important developments, events, and trends within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. These briefings cover regulatory updates, market trends, project launches, partnerships, and major news impacting the cryptocurrency ecosystem. [10]

SIMETRI Research

SIMETRI is a suite of research tools that includes investment reports, trade recommendations, and a live trading dashboard. [3]

SIMETRI Sapphire

Simetri Sapphire is a membership that offers collection of crypto investment research products, such as Pick of the Month, Advanced Strategies, and Radar: [11]

  • Pick of the Month: The research team identifies buy recommendations for smaller market capitalization coins based on strong fundamentals and high growth potential.
  • Advanced Strategies: Users can access exclusive information on profitable strategies and stay informed about potential airdrops, new NFTs, and high-return yield farming opportunities. The Alphaverse newsletter offers insights into strategies known for delivering high returns with low capital requirements.
  • Radar: Users can discover coins with ultra high risk and high reward potential sourced from numerous Telegram channels, technical forums, and strategic relationships.

Employees follow a trading policy that restricts them from trading the asset mentioned in a report within 72 hours of its release. They are also required to disclose their holdings and report any conflicts of interest before making recommendations. [11]

Sapphire members receive regular reports on a weekly basis. The Sapphire suite comprises various reports and signals tailored to different strategies, with different report types released at different times throughout the month. Upon subscription, members receive a "Getting started" email outlining the release schedule for each report type. Additionally, educational materials and market analysis are regularly provided through the newsletter and website. [11]

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Crypto Briefing

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