Dead Right Dove

Dead Right Dove, also known as Dave or Dove, is the co-founder, CEO, and public face of . [1][2]


Dead Right Dove has a background in UI development, project management, and business development. He entered the crypto space in 2017 and played a significant role in building Kujira on . Even after Kujira's transition from Terra to following Terra's collapse, Dead Right Dove remains integral to Kujira's operations. [2][8]

"Aside from the panic and obviously losing a bunch of our funds, the good news for us was that our direction was clear. It made the decision for us." Dove said, "on the 13th of May, we announced that we were moving to our own blockchain. That was basically the day that everyone was like, Okay, Terra is not coming back from the dead."


is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to revolutionize payment infrastructure and provide sustainable financial technology (FinTech) solutions to protocols, developers, and users. It offers an interoperable collection of (dApps) that generate sustainable value for network participants in a user-friendly manner. Kujira encompasses numerous dApps, with a substantial portion developed directly by the Kujira team, consisting of , , , and other members. Notable dApps within the Kujira ecosystem include ORCA, FIN, BOW, BLUE, and FINDER. [3][4]


ORCA, Kujira's initial decentralized application developed by Team Kujira, is a public marketplace for bidding on liquidated collateral. Through efficient participation in a Dutch auction, users can acquire liquidated collateral at discounts of up to 30%. To bid on liquidated collateral on ORCA, users can choose their preferred market and premium, input their bid amount, and activate the bid by selecting the 'Place My Bid' button. [5]


FIN is an orderbook-style exchange that is both scalable and efficient, achieving a computational complexity of O(1). This characteristic enables FIN to maintain constant fees and high-speed operations. Two crucial elements of the FIN trading experience are the search tool and the selected view, located in the top left corner of the FIN UI. As FIN expands and numerous token pairs are added over time, locating specific pairs, discovering new activity, or conveniently accessing favorites could become challenging for users. Consequently, the Kujira team has provided these two useful tools, aiming to enhance the FIN experience for both users and partner protocols. [6][7]


BLUE serves as the central hub within the Kujira ecosystem, providing users with the ability to stake, bond, swap, execute cross-chain transfers, and engage in governance activities. This functionality is made accessible through BLUE's comprehensive dashboard, which presents essential analytics for the Kujira . BLUE incorporates an interface for the Cosmos IBC and hosts its cross-chain bridge, facilitating asset transfers across chains. Notably, BLUE permits users to deposit collateral and mint the USK . Furthermore, within BLUE, there exists a built-in wallet interface featuring some capabilities like creating vesting contracts for Kujira's native token, KUJI, and displaying the total amount of staked KUJI. [4]

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Dead Right Dove

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