EST (token)

EST (Erica Social Token) represents the official social token of , the community led by .[1] The token was launched in February 2022.[2]

The Erica Social Token community is open to anyone who owns the token, and there are several ways to become a holder. First, individuals can participate in community events organized by Erica Social Token and earn rewards. Second, direct contributions to the development and business of Erica Social Token can also result in token rewards. Lastly, Erica Social Tokens can be acquired through listed exchanges. These avenues provide opportunities for individuals to join the community and become holders of the Erica Social Token. [1]


The total supply of Erica Social Tokens (EST) will be 100,000 tokens, with each token priced at $10 during issuance. The distribution of EST is as follows: [1]

  1. Liquid Supply: 75% of the EST is allocated to the liquid supply. These tokens are readily available for trading and transactions.
  2. Erica Social Token Project Team: 13.5% of the EST is allocated to the project team. There is a vesting period of 18 months from September 2022 to March 2024, starting six months after the EST issuance. This ensures that the tokens held by the project team are gradually released over time.
  3. ERICAverse Ecosystem and Community: 11.5% of the EST is reserved for the ERICAverse ecosystem and community. This reserve is utilized for various purposes that contribute to long-term ecosystem development. These purposes may include marketing initiatives, forming partnerships, creating additional incentives and rewards, promoting the ecosystem, and other related activities.


Here are some ways EST holders can utilize their EST tokens within ERICAverse: [1]

  1. Introduction of Job Opportunities: ERICAverse will facilitate the introduction of cross-border job opportunities in the blockchain industry, spanning various roles like blockchain developers, product managers (PM), and UI/UX designers. Partnering projects will have the chance to find suitable team members by showcasing their projects through ERICAverse channels. Projects that hold EST will receive priority in hosting different types of events on the ERICAverse platform and within the ERICAverse community as part of this initiative.
  2. Access to Events: EST can be used by holders to gain entry to events hosted by Erica and select partners of ERICAverse. This includes the option to use EST for purchasing event tickets, accessing exclusive meetups, and participating in special gatherings.
  3. Exclusive Content Access: EST holders will have the privilege to access exclusive content created by Erica. This may include additional content available on platforms such as the KryptoSeoul Youtube Channel, providing unique insights and perspectives.
  4. 1:1 Time with Erica: EST can be utilized to secure dedicated one-on-one time with Erica. Availability for these sessions will depend on Erica's schedule and the project's availability. More details about this opportunity will be provided in the future.
  5. Identifying Additional Utilities: As ERICAverse continues to develop, Erica and the team will actively identify and introduce additional utilities for EST, expanding the range of benefits and opportunities available to EST holders.


The Erica Social Token (EST) utilizes , a Layer 2 scaling solution that incorporates Optimistic Rollup technology. This allows for the processing of numerous transactions off-chain while still maintaining the security of Layer 1. By minimizing the number of transactions executed on the Ethereum network, Optimistic Rollup enhances processing speed. As a result, transactions involving EST can be conducted at a faster pace and with significantly lower costs in terms of transaction fees.[1]

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EST (token)

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