ERICAverse is a community that represents and supports all online and offline social activities initiated by and the community. Its primary objective is to facilitate the development and engagement of the community, which serves as the foundation for these social activities. The vision of is to foster connectivity between communities and facilitate the bridging of the Korean Web 3 community with the Global Web 2 and Web 3 communities. [1]


The KryptoSeoul community initially began as meetups and conferences but eventually developed into a community where members engaged in projects aligned with their interests. This organic participation resembled the functioning of a , with diverse community members contributing in various areas to foster the growth and expansion of the KryptoSeoul community.

As the KryptoSeoul community continued to grow, Erica recognized the need to implement scalable and responsible strategies in key areas:

  1. Incentivizing and rewarding the community: A focus was placed on establishing mechanisms that incentivize both existing and new community members to contribute and be rewarded for their contributions on a larger scale.
  2. Connecting channels, events, and content: Efforts were made to create a more comprehensive and end-to-end experience for community members, allowing them to navigate the Web 3 community in Korea. This involved establishing connections between various channels, organizing events, and curating relevant content.
  3. Sustaining the KryptoSeoul Community: To ensure the ongoing operation and growth of the KryptoSeoul Community, it was essential to maintain a consistent flow of funds to support and scale operations.

Have these considerations in mind, the concept of ERICAverse was created. ERICAverse needed to be underpinned by a utility token that could unite the diverse stakeholders, including contributors, supporters, talent, Erica and her team, and others, in a scalable and coordinated manner, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing the needs and interests of the community.

EST Token

The Erica Social Token () serves as a social currency within the ERICAverse community, facilitating incentives for collaborations, sharing of governance power, and fostering transparency. It plays a role in incentivizing community members to actively engage and contribute to the development and growth of the ecosystem.

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