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Habbo Avatar is an  (NFT) collection of 11,600 entirely unique, pixelated avatars, they exist on the Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens. It was developed for Habbo, a social networking service by Sulake. [1]


Habbo Avatar is a collection of 11,600 NFT avatars, the project was put together by pixel artists, NFT enthusiasts and community-minded gamers of the Habbo community. [3]
The project was launched on 5th of October 2021, all 11,600 avatars in the collection were revealed at the same time. The team reserved an extra 1,000 avatars for the existing Habbo community.

Some of the reserved NFTs will also be distributed internally within the company and some will be distributed in giveaways.

Avatar Traits

Each of the 11,600 avatars in the Habbo Avatar collection are programmatically generated from 284 different traits and are 100% unique. [1]
wikiSome traits are less likely than others to appear on an avatar, which makes some of them ‘rarer’ than others. A trait is basically the shoes an avatar is wearing, their skin color, etc. [2]
Every single avatar that is minted is guaranteed to have at least one trait that is completely new to Habbo (there are 74 of these new traits). [1]

Notable Sale

wikiThe Habbo Avatar NFTs have made several distinct sales with the quality and rarity of art presented in the NFT market . The Habbo #10283 stands out as the current most notable , selling out for 30(WETH) an estimated $40,143.90 on the October 7 2021, on marketplace.



Users who own a Habbo Avatar will get special perks such as the members only area in the Habbo community, this area comes with awesome rewards and features. [1]

An ‘NFT Owner’ role is available for anyone who owns an NFT from collections such as: , Bored Ape Kennel Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Mummy Waking Up, , Bears On The Block, Arabian Camels, Monster Rehab, Cool Cats NFT, The Alien Boy, Galaxy Fight Club, Pudgy Penguins, , VX, Meebits, VeeFriends, Super Yeti, , DeadHeads, On1 Force, The Sandbox LAND, and LAND.[1]


Habbo x Offsetra

The Habbo Avatars project is a collection of NFTs that live on the Ethereum network, which is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain. PoW blockchains require a significant amount of computing power to validate and secure all transactions on the network, and this is an energy-intensive process. [1]
Habbo has partnered with Offsetra, and has developed a carbon neutrality framework for their upcoming NFT launch. With this partnership, Offsetra will help us quantify and offset any carbon emissions associated with the release of the Habbo Avatars NFT collection. [2]
They plan to do this by supporting carbon reduction and mitigation projects across the world through the purchase of quantified carbon offset credits. [1]

Collaborations with CyberKongz, Metaverse HQ and Metakey

In the first of many forthcoming NFT collaborative initiatives coming this year, Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, has announced collaborations with CyberKongz, Metaverse HQ, and Metakey to their Habbo metaverse!
Holders of CyberKongz, Metaverse HQ, and Metakey NFT will be able to access exclusive in-game collectibles such as apparel, badges, furniture to spruce up their hotel rooms, as well as custom speech bubbles and effects via a future Habbo update by linking their cryptocurrency wallet to a Habbo account. These products will be related to possessing these NFTs and be held exclusively by their owners, enabling owners to display their collections on Habbo and feel a part of the larger NFT community. As a social center for each collection, Habbo will also design aesthetic community spaces for each of the partnerships. The primary ideals of Habbo have always included inclusivity and community, and they want the inhabitants to be allowed to speak up like members of any community, including the metaverse. These partnerships with CyberKongz, Metaverse HQ, and Metakey demonstrate Habbo's status as a cutting-edge social network that fully appreciates how emerging technologies enable individuals to express themselves in a secure and enjoyable setting.

"Habbo Hotel is one of the OG projects back from the early Web2 days and I vividly remember playing it as a kid... Witnessing brands like them harnessing the power of NFTs and Web3 is truly inspiring and a match made in heaven! We are super proud and excited to collaborate with such an amazing project!" said myoo, founder of CyberKongz.


The Habbo Avatar project was developed by members of Habbo, the social networking platform. Members of the Habbo art and developer teams have been involved, as well as staff from Sulake’s community team.

Muumiopappa: He is a gaming and NFT fanatic based out of Helsinki, Finland. He’s the lead game designer for Habbo’s sister game, Hotel Hideaway, and his background is in data and computer science. He’s also an avid NFT collector, having got his two Bored Apes as they were minted. [4]


The team has plans to make each Habbo Avatars usable in-game, this means the avatars will have an exclusive effect and wonderful exclusive items. They also have plans to enable active Habbo Club and Builders Club memberships for their owners as a kind of perk. [1]

The Habbo team has two awesome communities – Sulake also owns the wonderful Hotel Hideaway). Using play to earn as the future of gaming, they have tons of ideas how we can incorporate this in both Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. [3]

September 2021

The team launches Habbo Avatar first Airdrop.

October 2021

HC/BC Benefit

November 2021


December 2021

The team begins Habbo Avatar Integration.

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Habbo Avatar


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