Loong Wang

Loong Wang co-founded and also served as CTO at , which was originally called Republic Protocol, established in 2017, along with .[1][5]

Early Life & Career

Loong Wang started his career as an Academic Tutor in 2014, for 3 years. In 2016, he completed his Advanced Research and Development in Computer Science with Honors from The Australian National University (ANU), within an year.

In 2015, he then started to work as a Software Developer at Neucode, a software development agency, and worked for about 2 years.

In 2017, he co-founded Ren and worked there as a CTO for around 4 years. Ren is an open protocol that facilitates the permissionless and private transfer of value between any .[5] Ren's core product, RenVM, brings interoperability to DeFi through a decentralized custody solution that allows the seamless movement of assets between blockchains.

In 2021, he co-founded and served as the CEO of Talo Labs, which was initially known as Talo Systems, it underwent subsequent name changes to Lasker and eventually transitioned to Talo Labs.[2] Talo Labs researches and builds therapeutics companies, platforms and in-silico technologies. It supports talented students, from computer science backgrounds, to solve biomedical problems.[3]

In 2022, he co-founded and served as the CEO at Automera, a biotechnology research company focusing on development of Autophagy-Targeting Chimera small molecules (AUTACs).[4]

Podcasts & Appearances

In Epicenter podcast's episode 230, Loong Wang and Taiyang Zhang were featured, while the podcast delves into the topic of 'Republic Protocol – A Decentralized & Trustless Crypto Dark Pool.' The conversation explores the concept of dark pools in markets, their parallel role in traditional financial markets, and their broader economic implications.[6]

On March 25, 2020, he attended the interview with talking about RenVm going live and strengthening by adding different types of and boosting liquidity. 

He was interviewed by Wyre Talks' episode 29, published on Wyre Blog, where he talks about 'Building the foundation for Private Finance'.[7]

On March 28, 2020, he penned an article for titled 'How Market Volatility Is Shining a Light on DeFi’s Structural Vulnerabilities,' wherein he shared his insights on the subject.[8]

Loong Wang has been a guest on 14 distinct OwlTail podcasts, discussing topics such as the Ren protocol, partnerships, and interoperability.[9]

Research & Publications

Loon Wang is skilled in Distributed Systems, SQL, Java, Haskell, and Concurrent Programming.

He published a new programming language in the 22nd International Workshop on High-level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments.

He also performed research on the Chapel programming language in collaboration with Cray Inc. The research involved experimental improvements to making the language, targeted at supercomputers, more efficient and more ergonomic to use.

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Loong Wang


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