Meteor Wallet

Meteor Wallet is a non-custodial wallet designed specifically for the . Meteor Wallet aims to facilitate the storage and management of and compatible assets. [1]


Meteor Wallet offers a range of features including: [2]

  • Security: through encryption techniques, Meteor Wallet ensures that private data remains secure at all times, protecting users from potential threats such as hacking and unauthorized access.
  • NFT Support: Meteor Wallet provides users with the ability to handle effectively. It allows users to view asset values and access comprehensive metadata associated with these tokens, catering to the growing interest in digital collectibles and artistic creations within the ecosystem.
  • DeFi Functionality: Meteor Wallet offers capabilities such as and swap aggregation. Users can stake their NEAR tokens to participate in network validation and earn rewards. The wallet also facilitates token swaps, enabling users to exchange assets with minimal fees and .
  • Transaction Activity: Meteor Wallet provides users with a simplified view of their transaction history, enabling them to track their financial interactions on the NEAR blockchain. This feature enhances transparency and helps users monitor their account activity effectively.
  • Explore NEAR Feed: to keep users informed about the latest developments in the NEAR ecosystem, Meteor Wallet offers an "Explore NEAR" feed. This feature aggregates relevant news, updates, and announcements, allowing users to stay updated on community events and project developments.
  • Educational Initiatives: Meteor Wallet encourages learning and engagement through its Meteor Challenges and Rewards program. This initiative aims to educate users about the NEAR blockchain and incentivize participation in community activities.

Named Wallet

Meteor provides a free named wallet feature. To get started, users need to create a password. Once the wallet setup is complete, they have the option to personalize their profile and connect it to Near Social. For those not importing an existing wallet, they can create a new one. For users who prefer using a traditional address instead of a free named wallet, Meteor also offers the option to create an implicit account. [3]

A free-named wallet allows users to create a personalized address and change it anytime. Users can send assets to addresses on blockchains other than NEAR and exchange text messages between wallets. [3]

Swap Functionality

Meteor's swap functionality allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies within the wallet interface. As the first and only wallet on the Near Blockchain to feature a Swap Aggregator, Meteor enables users to compare rates and minimize fees. With access to up to 60 tokens, including stablecoins, users can swap through providers like Ref, Jumbo, and Spin. [3]


The Meteor wallet offers two staking options: and Standard Staking. Liquid staking provides a receipt token as proof of ownership for staked assets, which are transferable, storable, and tradeable. Standard Staking does not offer receipt tokens. With Standard Staking, users can earn staking rewards of up to approximately 10% . They can choose from over 90 validators and pools and lock their stake for 7, 30, or 90 days. [3]

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Meteor Wallet

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