Nakamigos (NKMGS) is a collection of , released in early 2023, created by .[1]


Nakamigos is a 20K PFP project from . Nakamigos collection, created in a style reminiscent of , got its name from the pseudonymous founder of , , symbolizing Nakamigos being the 'friends of Nakamoto'.[2][5]

Nakamigos x EoS

, who was the creator of '' , left 'mfers' in June 2022, handed over project leadership and funds to the community. To mark his departure, Sartoshi the 'end of [eos]' pass collection. On February 16, 2023, Sartoshi tweeted:

The 20k project is NAKAMIGOS. all 16,999 'end of sartoshi' (eos pass) tokens from 1.27.23 1:50pm est snapshot are entitled to free mint on mint day (1 per token).[6]

then announced that holders of the 'eos pass' would be granted a free from the Nakamigos collection a day before it became available to the public on March 23, 2023.[7]

The art and characters of Nakamigos originated from an anonymous figure known in the space as an 'OG crypto artist.' Initially, there was speculation that Sartoshi was the anonymous individual behind the Nakamigos creation, despite no confirmed involvement in the project. This rumor gained traction partly because Sartoshi's departure from happened around the same time as the Nakamigos collaboration, causing some to hastily label as the project’s 'OG crypto artist,' though Sartoshi neither confirmed nor denied this.[6]


The total and maximum token supply of NKMGS NFTs is 20,000, out of which all 20,000 are out. EoS pass holders received early access to the collection on March 22, 2023, and the public mint went live on March 23, 2023.[4]

Honorary Nakamigos

The Nakamigos team gifted 24 honorary Nakamigos NFTs to well-known figures and influencers in the NFT community, which include Richerd Chan of Manifold, Art Blocks CEO , collector and thought-leader Cozomo de’ Medici.


Soon after the Nakamigos NFT launch, many unofficial versions started showing up in the web3 space, with no ties to the original creator.

Nakamigos x Opepen Edition

This is the fusion between the Nakamigos and , with a total token supply of 3,299. Nakamigos Opepen Edition is all about community & connecting.[8]


Magamigos was created to support the president of the United States of America. Magamigos took elements of the Nakamigos art style and the traits and were minted right after Trump’s arraignment and quickly made its way to OpenSea’s trending page with the tagline 'Make America and NFTs Great Again [MAGA],' a Trump’s MAGA base.[9]


Nakamigas is the female version of Nakamigos, with a total supply of 5,000 NFTs.[10]


Saudimigos are Saudi themed expansion of Nakamigos by a Saudi Artist, with a total supply of 5,000 NFTs.[11]

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