Nathan Allman

Nathan Allman is the founder and CEO of , a tokenized platform created to broaden access to yields and cater to users with different risk preferences. [1]


Allman graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Biology. [1]


Allman worked as an associate at Prospect Capital Management, an alternative asset manager, for one year. He then became a partner at ChainStreet Capital, a quantitative hedge fund, and held the position until 2019. He then worked at Goldman Sachs, focusing on creating market services. In 2021, he left the company and founded . [1]

Ondo Finance

In an interview with , Allman discussed starting , the company’s goals and purpose, and future plans. During his introduction, he briefly explained his history in finance: [2]

“In terms of my background, I come from a traditional finance background. I began my career in private credit and private equity investing but quickly transitioned into after college. I was actively trading throughout 2017, investing in , and exploring early platforms like . Subsequently, I launched a hedge fund, which I managed from 2018 to 2019. In mid-2019, I joined Goldman Sachs on their digital assets team, where I handled various and -related projects, including work on security tokens. As markets picked up in mid-2020, my focus shifted to building components of a prime brokerage desk, helping institutions tap into yields from the space.”

He then talked about how his experience led him to start : [2]

“I also actively participated in , managing a personal portfolio of on platforms like and , while seeking ways to hedge out underlying risks. I explored impermanent loss and engaged with several institutions facing similar challenges. This led to the concept of creating a risk marketplace where investors can transfer underlying risks from a pooled asset set to others willing to take on higher risk for potentially higher returns. We structured products with fixed and variable tranches, offering different risk levels. After leaving Goldman Sachs in February, I focused full-time on building this concept. We launched on the in August, initially on and . Our platform facilitates risk transformation into high and low-risk exposures and enables single-sided , allowing investors to access dual-sided for indirect exposure to yields from various assets like UMA and Ether.”

When asked why he left traditional finance to move to , he responded: [2]

“What excited me most about founding something in this space was witnessing and participating in the explosion throughout 2020. Observing the market inefficiencies, particularly the mismatch in single asset yields and the yields derived from dual asset , inspired the creation of Trojans. These trojans effectively capitalize on that disparity. There's vast unexplored potential in bringing over various traditional financial products into , with structured products being just one example.”


Tokenizing RWAs

At in 2023, Allman discussed the company's focus on tokenizing securities, particularly cash equivalents like treasury bills and money market funds. He emphasized the benefits of bringing off-chain assets on-chain, such as 24/7 trading and enhanced , while highlighting the importance of transparency and efficiency in the financial system. Allman noted that despite the longstanding concept of tokenization, current market conditions and technological advancements make it more viable, aiming to integrate these tokenized assets into protocols for broader use as . However, he acknowledged this emerging sector's and regulatory compliance challenges. [3]

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Nathan Allman

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