NEKO is the first of , a layer-1  that utilizes a  , enabling the development of . [1][2]


NEKO was launched in early 2022 as the first meme coin on , aiming to become a key community support node. [1]

NEKO token powers the creator economy on NEAR Protocol whereby content creators are rewarded in NEKO to make educational content about the NEAR ecosystem. NEKO introduced the Learn to Earn movement that rewards its audience for engaging with NEKO content. [2]

NEKO Ecosystem

Good Fortune Felines

Good Fortune Felines (GFF) is a collection of 1,608 NEAR NFTs that represent the foundation of the NEKO ecosystem. Good Fortune Feline holders are leaders of the inclusive NEKO community that welcomes new users to NEAR. [3]

Good Fortune Felines gain access to the earliest form of NEKO rewards. 10% (1 Billion) of the total NEKO supply is distributed to the Good Fortune Felines over 2 years via NFT staking in the Fortune Pool. [6]

Decentralized Finance

NEKO token is sponsored by Jump DeFi which showcases the full suite of capabilities and offerings available with NEKO on NEAR protocol. [4]

NEKO Creator Economy

As the hub of the creator economy on NEAR protocol, Neko provides an extensive database of professional content backed by NEKO Learn-2-Earn incentives. NEKO leverages TikTok and YouTube to reach a wide audience giving NEAR Protocol a massive presence online. [1][5]

2.5% (250 Million) of the total NEKO token supply is allocated as rewards to creators for making content under the NEKO umbrella. [5]


On February 26, 2024, NEKO announced the acquisition of BabyAI. BabyAI is a platform that connects users to generative AI applications in text, image, and video. BabyAI makes it easy for its users to leverage generative AI technology via prompt engineering that is built-in into the platform. [7][8]

“We are thrilled to welcome BabyAI into the Nekosystem. This journey is months in the making and it feels great to finally announce to our community. This acquisition expands our mission to deliver cutting edge technology to users worldwide while perfectly aligning NEAR Protocol’s vision as the bridge between AI and blockchain. — Brandon Cantu, Neko Co-Founder commented. [7]

NEKO Tokenomics

$NEKO has a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000. The token fuels the creator economy and powers the Learn to Earn program. [9][11][12]

30% of the supply was allocated to Liquidity Incentives, 12% to Treasury, 10% to Good Fortune Felines, 10% to Community Presale, 6% to Founder, 5% each to Learn-to-Earn & Content Creators, Initial Farm Offering (IFO), Initial DEX Offering (IDO), Marketing, and Community Airdrop, 3% to the Core Team, 2.5% to Air NEKO NFT Airdrop, and 1.5% for Integrations. [9]


  • Jump DeFi
  • Paras
  • House of Nephilim
  • NEAR Tinker Union
  • Cafe Cartel[1]
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