OKCash is an open-source digital currency that enables its users to make transactions instantly. It boasts of a confirmation rate higher than most around.[1][2]


OKCash started out in 2014 as Pimpcash and was rebranded in February 2015 to OKCash by the lead developer who calls himself OKToshi.

He has a lot of experience in software development, he created ROKOS, a Linux-based OS for IoT devices like Raspberry Pi, which, incidentally, comes with a built-in wallet for OKCash as well as some other cryptocurrencies.

OKCash prides on being open-source and completely decentralized, and absolutely anyone can contribute to the OKCash code. It has a huge community of creative developers meeting together to help develop the currency.

OKCash was one of the earlier coins to use the Proof-of-stake technology, which requires much less energy to mine than Proof-of-work coins.

During the first 15 days after its launch, it was based on a Proof-of-work system, and the mining lasted for this period without halving, so it was fair for all miners, even if they started mining late. It became fully Proof-of-Stake after this period, fulfilling its goal of hybrid initial distribution.

Like , OKCash coins (OK) can be mined, but unlike Bitcoin, OKCash is based on the consensus system.

The circulating supply of OKCash is about 74.088 million OK coins, less than 75 % of the total 105 million coins. It has a market cap of 4.94 million USD with an individual price of about $ 0.0666 USD, as of July 2018.[3][4]


The main mission of the Okcash project is to empower its users while being both energy-friendly and sustainable.

They evolve with positive innovations, and decentralization to give the power to the user and help move crypto forward. The OK movement mission is to help change the world with positive innovation.

These are some of the benefits of using Okcash includes:

  • Multiplatform [Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IoT devices]
  • 100% upload time + Decentralized.
  • Efficiency [5+ years tested chain]
  • Availability worldwide [Network running 24/7]
  • Transaction Speeds [Less than 72 seconds]
  • Lowest Fees [ 0.0001 OK = 0.000005 USD aprox*]
  • Constantly growing community/network [More services, users and developers joining and supporting Okcash and the OK movement]

How to buy OKCash

OKCash coins can be bought from about 10 exchanges with mainly , but Ether, Tether, , Litecoin, etc can be used. The exchanges include , YoBit, Bittrex, Cryptopia, and others.

OK coins can also be bought using fiat currencies at a few exchanges, including LiteBit (Euro), Upbit (Korean Won), and YoBit (USD and RUR).

OKCash has its own native wallets, which include a desktop OKCash wallet compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and a mobile wallet compatible with Android and iOS.

It also has a paper wallet, available on GitHub. In addition, OKCash coins can be stored on the Coinomi wallet.[5]

Trends so Far

OKCash has had a fair share of volatility. Its value has ranged from its minimum of 0.000038 USD in March 2015 to a peak value of 0.76 USD in September 2017.

Its price was 0.000217 USD when it was launched in December 2014, and it costs 0.0666 USD currently (as of July 2018). For all its volatility, however, the currency has never crossed the $1 boundary.

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