Otherside Koda

Otherside Koda is a project released by , the company behind the . It was released to be part of Yuga Labs' metaverse, , as a means to add to the value and the immersive experience of their virtual world. [1]


The Otherside Koda NFT project consists of 10,000 unique koala-like characters that reside on Otherdeeds, virtual plots of land in the Otherside metaverse. The complete utility of these characters have not been disclosed at the time of writing, however the community have categorized them into Regular Kodas, Weapon Kodas, and Mega Kodas. There are 6860 Regular Kodas and 3140 Weapon Kodas, 99 of them being Mega Kodas. They are all unique, with 6 different trait categories: Core, Head, Eyes, Weapon, Clothing, Mega. [6][7][8][9]
In addition, the new 2D game, Legends of the Mara, revealed that Kodas are able to hunt, enchant and farm more efficiently than other characters in the game, aligning with the general consensus of these creatures being a key addition to Otherside that may hold significant value and play a crucial role in the metaverse. [6][10][11]


The journey of Koda NFTs and the metaverse began with the leaked Otherside pitch deck, which surfaced in mid-March 2022. At that time, made notable moves by acquiring and , creating excitement among NFT holders seeking exclusive creative rights. The pitch deck revealed a slide featuring a peculiar creature with koala-like features standing in the center of a landscape on the Otherside, reminiscent of the character seen in the Otherside trailer. [1][2]

This mention of Koda NFTs in the leaked pitch deck sparked rumors and speculation within the community and the wider crypto community. Yuga Labs responded by dismissing the pitch deck as outdated and claimed to have already made changes to their plans. However, on April 23, 2022, BAYC's official Twitter handle raised even more curiosity by tweeting, "What the f*** is Koda?" [1][2][3]

On April 2023, a Koda Decoupling event took place where Kodas became an independent project. Users holding an Otherdeed with a Koda were able to burn their Otherdeed to receive a Koda NFT and a NFT as seperate entities. [4][5]

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Otherside Koda

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