Port3 Network

Port3 Network is a unified artificial intelligence operating system. Its core architecture simplifies and consolidates the necessary infrastructure components to facilitate the launch of new AI-enabled applications, while maintaining decentralization. [1]


Port3 Network is a decentralized AI servicing protocol for the ecosystem, aiming to revolutionize data utilization and processing. It acts as a bridge, connecting datasets from both on-chain and off-chain sources to establish a globally accessible data layer. This initiative empowers the automation of various Web3 AI applications, including user and community profiling, market dynamics, and project analysis. [2]

Offerings of the Port3 Network includes:

  • Intelligent Insights & Massive Datasets: Port3 indexes public metrics of over 5 million Web3 users, creating a dataset for AI model training. It provides insights into user behaviors, community dynamics, and market trends.

  • Smart Cross-chain Execution Layer: With Blockchain Quest Language (BQL), Port3 introduces an AI-powered automation layer for interoperability across blockchain networks. This layer enhances smart contracts with cross-chain interactions.

  • Global Data Layer for AI: At its core, Port3 offers a secure data layer for AI, merging on-chain and off-chain data for development.

  • Decentralized Data Networks & Smart Strategies: Port3 incorporates on-chain and off-chain user-related information, stored on a dedicated L2 network for easy data sharing.

  • Decentralized Calculation Network for AI Data Layer: Through its decentralized mobile client, Port3 supports the AI Data Layer by processing datasets, conducting AI network training, and distributing rewards.


Nebula (Launchpad) 

Nebula by Port3 Network is a Social Launchpad that leverages data-driven methods to power Web3 project launches. It integrates community support and social data analytics to offer Launchpad services, enhancing user engagement and facilitating project fundraising and token distribution. [3]

Nebula integrates with Port3 Network's community of over 5 million users and 5,000 cooperative projects, providing traffic and collaboration support. Utilizing social data, it crafts a unique Launchpad experience, fostering project growth and transformation. Nebula offers a comprehensive suite of Launchpad services, spanning Research, Growth, Sprint, Launch, and Listing stages, empowering projects throughout their lifecycle with diverse fundraising methods and support tools. [3]

OpenBQL (Blockchain Quest Language)

Blockchain Query Language (BQL) is a data markup language specifically designed to simplify and enhance interactions within the ecosystem. It provides users with a powerful tool for automating complex blockchain transactions and workflows. [4]

BQL allows users to automatically utilize staked positions with a single click, involving ETH, collateralizing it on lending platforms, and borrowing additional ETH to stake again, increasing staking positions and potential returns. It executes various on-chain tasks, including swapping, adding liquidity, and staking, making it a valuable tool for activities. [4]

The BQL editor features a syntax structure similar to natural language, reducing barriers to entry for users with minimal coding knowledge. Users can easily fork existing BQL templates from the library for rapid customization and deployment of blockchain interactions. Additionally, BQL incentivizes users to create and share new templates, fostering a community-driven approach to template development. [4]

Mining rewards on the Port3 Network are structured as follows: [5]

  • Transaction Fee Pool: 80%

  • BQL Dividend Pool: 18%

  • Random Prize Pool: 2%

  • Lucky Draw Pool: Consisting of 400,000 Mystery Boxes, including 20,000 USDT and 5,000 Special freemint NFTs. This pool is exclusive to OKX Wallet users from November 6th to November 26th.

  • Gemstones Pool: Containing 350,000,000 Gemstones.

Port3 Layer 2 Delegent Election (Nodes)

The Port3 Network Delegate Election is an event where PORT3 token holders elect Delegates to secure and govern the Layer2 network. [6]

Port3 Network introduces a Layer2 solution, utilizing OP Stack technology to redefine Web3 data management and transactional efficiency. This solution aims to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of the Web3 ecosystem. [6]

The Layer2 solution by Port3 Network, utilizing OP Stack technology, offers cost efficiency and high throughput, with reduced transaction fees and enhanced processing speeds expected, especially with the 2024 Cancun upgrade. Tailored for Web3's expanding needs, Layer2 provides a sturdy framework for data-centric applications. Users can anticipate improved security and decentralization, along with substantial rewards, fostering a thriving ecosystem and bolstering token value. [6]

SoQuest (Quest-Task Platform)

SoQuest is a Web3 Quest platform within the Port3 Network, serving as a social data conduit connecting Web3 with traditional internet platforms. By integrating both off-chain and on-chain data, SoQuest establishes a Social Data Layer, supporting various Web3 applications. Designed for scalability and performance, SoQuest supports over 800,000 active participants and collaborates with more than 5,000 project partners. The platform enhances user engagement by providing tools for initiating activities, detecting actions, distributing rewards, and analyzing growth. Additionally, it utilizes ChatGPT-powered bots across 5,000 communities to enrich user interactions. [7]

Gig on the SoQuest platform involves short-term tasks earning token rewards. Unlike traditional quest activities, rewards are distributed after the event ends, leading to uncertain waiting periods. Gig tasks operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with only a single task available at a time. [8]

PORT3 Token

$PORT3 is the of the Port3 Network, used for the ecosystem's governance and operational mechanisms. It empowers holders to participate in decision-making processes, influencing the project's direction and developments. [9]

$PORT3 is the native token of the Port3 Network, with the following functions:

  • BQL Mining Fee: Lock $PORT3 to receive transaction fee dividends

  • BQL Execution Fee: Pay $PORT3 as a fee for the intelligent cross-chain execution layer

  • Data Layer Access Fee: Pay $PORT3 as a fee for access to the Port3 AI Data Layer

  • Port3 L2 Staking: Vote and stake on the Port3 Network Layer2 Node

  • Nebula Ticket: Stake $PORT3 to obtain tickets for Projects being launched on Nebula

  • SoQuest Credit Payment: Use $PORT3 to pay for Credit at a discounted rate



The distribution of $PORT3 tokens is designed to support the long-term growth and sustainability of the Port3 Network. It ensures a balanced approach across different segments to benefit all stakeholders. [9]



In January 2024, Port3 shared its airdrop program. The Airdrop was announced to be divided into three seasons: [10]

  • Season 1: 3% of Total Tokens - In this season, a total of 30 million tokens will be airdropped to users deeply engaged in SoQuest Quest Mining, Social Mining, BQL Trade Mining, and Space Mining.

  • Season 2: 3% of Total Tokens - Participants in the second-stage Airdrop plan, scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2024, will receive tokens in this season.

  • Season 3: 1% of Total Tokens - Participants in the third-stage Airdrop plan, scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2024, will receive tokens in this season.

Ambassador Program

In September 2022, the Ambassador Program was launched. It was an initiative launched by Port3 Network to actively involve community members. The program spanned from Sep 15th to Nov 15th, providing a platform for community members to engage and contribute to Port3 Network's growth and development. [11]


Meson Network

In August 2022, Meson Network and Port3 entered into a partnership to bring enhancements to both projects and their communities within the Web3 space. Meson collaborated with Port3 to leverage decentralized storage, providing acceleration support for storing raw data. In return, Port3 Network's SoGraph Dao Tool Bot introduced Meson Network's community to practical functionalities, including in-community smart airdrops, market sentiment & trend watch features, and access to Web3 social plugins, enhancing the overall user experience for both communities. [12]


Through this collaboration, Port3 stored data on the decentralized system via 4EVERLAND’s storage service. This partnership aimed to accelerate the transition of social data from Web2 to Web3, reducing risks associated with centralized storage and further establishing Port3 as a gateway to the Web3 social graph. [13]


OpenLeverage, a permissionless margin trading protocol, offers aggregated liquidity, allowing traders to engage in efficient and secure long or short trades on various trading pairs. Launched on , the , and KCC, OpenLeverage provides users with the ability to create lending pools and margin trading markets, offer funds for borrowing, and connect to decentralized exchanges to meet market demands. Through this collaboration, OpenLeverage and Port3 aim to provide users with enhanced trading tools for Web3. OpenLeverage users have access to special collab and analytics insights through Port3’s platform, while Port3 solidifies its position as a Web3 social gateway and a reliable source for traders seeking analytics. [14]


Web3 infrastructure NFTScan explorer and the Port3 protocol entered into a strategic partnership, initiating in-depth collaboration in the realm of NFT data. Port3 is dedicated to establishing a social insight gateway into the Web 3.0 era. [15]

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Port3 Network

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