Raouf Ben-Har

Raouf Ben-Har is a co-founder of Andalusia Labs, creator of the , a universal security layer. [1]


Ben-Har graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Computer Science. [1]


After graduation, Ben-Har worked as a software engineer intern at various companies, including Google, TikTok, AWS, and Goldman Sachs. In 2021, he became an associate product manager at , where he met . Together, they co-founded Andalusia Labs. [1]

Andalusia Labs

While working at , Ben-Har and created the stealth startup RiskHarbor, a risk management marketplace for platforms. In April 2024, after changing the company’s name to Andalusia Labs, the was released.  Under Ben-Har’s leadership, Andalusia Labs raised $48 million in Series A funding from investors, including , Lightspeed, , , , and others. [1][2]


Building Karak

Blockworks interviewed Ben-Har and about and its purpose in the industry. He shared the main reason why they created : [2]

“They were struggling to bootstrap their own economic security and suffered from highly dilutive reward mechanisms, which was unfortunate, especially for critical infrastructure like bridges, and other infrastructure layers…We envisioned as the key to unlocking this new era of innovation. Similar to how AWS made it easy and affordable for developers to access and build on the cloud, we wanted to make it easy and affordable for developers to access and build on any trust network.”

He also discussed how the restaking protocol can use other assets beyond without risking economic security: [2]

“Many assets have lower opportunity costs versus , meaning the [VaaS] has an easier and much more viable path to sustainable yields…There are billions of untapped assets, like stTIA, , and many others, with very few yield opportunities to create sustainable flywheels for VaaS building in their ecosystem. Each ecosystem is different and has its own unique protocols that will create different VaaSs designed on top of their assets. There is no one-size-fits-all for every chain.”

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Raouf Ben-Har

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