RealWorldAbs (RWA)

RealWorldAbs (RWA), launched in March 2024, is the first on and it was primarily to the FXS community. [1][2]


"In the realm of iron and sweat, Sam, a relentless warrior, embarked on a journey to sculpt his body into a masterpiece of strength and resilience. The path was treacherous, marked by the grueling echoes of barbells and the rhythmic cadence of his determined heartbeat. Through the shadows of doubt and the storms of fatigue, Sam pressed on, fueled by the unwavering vision of a transformed self. He battled the temptations of the couch and the siren call of comfort, choosing instead the embrace of discipline and the crucible of perseverance.

The weight he lifted was not merely the iron on the bar, but the burdens of self-doubt and excuses. As the sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a golden glow upon his chiseled physique, Sam stood triumphant, a testament to the extraordinary results born from ordinary dedication. The secret to his success wasn't a potion or a magic spell; it was the potent elixir of commitment, sweat, and unwavering resolve. And as the echoes of triumph reverberated in the air, Sam stood as living proof that, yes, you too can carve your own path to greatness, unveiling the real-world abs that await at the summit of your aspirations." - Real World Abs background states[3]


$RWA has a total supply of 6,000,000,000 tokens. 75% of the total supply was Burned into LP, 20% was allocated towards Airdrop, and 5% was allocated to the Team. [4]

RWA began on March 6, 2024, and eligible claimers include users who hold veFXS, cvxFXS, cvxFXS/FXS LP, vlCVX, cvxFXS, (u)cvxFXS or Stakedao FXS. Users were advised to claim their tokens within 60 days. After 60 days, unclaimed tokens are set to be by the RWA team. [6]

"We’re about halfway through the airdrop claim period. After that, remaining supply is burnt forever" - the RWA team tweeted on March 29, 2024[6]

Real NFTs

On March 17, 2024, the RWA team launched on . [5]

Real world abs is pleased to announce that $RWA is the first token to offer genuine utility on fraxtal. For the low, low price of 500,000 $RWA, you can now mint a genuine, one of a kind, fully onchain, not fake NFT. [5]

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RealWorldAbs (RWA)

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